Friday, February 24, 2017

It's The Spice Cakes!

Today I finally made my B&W style cupcakes. Was it work? Heck  yeah!! It was interesting and definitely a learning experience. It's been over ten years since I last made cupcakes so it was like relearning how to make them.

I started with Duncan Hines Spice mix. It's a simple enough mix,

It's three eggs along with a cup of water and 1/3 cup of vegetable oil all are mixed into a satiny , creamy batter thanks to three minutes with an electric mixer set on high.
Thank Target for these pretty heart decorated cupcake papers. Using the paper makes clean up easier.I filled the cups 2/3 full. This was not a good idea. Use the tablespoon rule when filling cupcake pans. Always pour in three tablespoons. Other wise.

Yup, they look like mutant muffins instead of delicate tea cakes.This is  how they should look:
See how perfect they look, wth only slightly rounded tops. As for that empty one, there wasn't enough batter for it. I would have had enough if I had followed the three tablespoon rule, Now it's time for the icing. As I've written before, I wanted to use a glaze. and I found a super easy micro wave one from It just required semi-sweet chocolate chips , condensed milk and three tablespoons of butter.
The chips just had to be microwaved for just a minute and a half (no longer otherwise the chocolate will burn).The condensed milk and butter(I used I Can't Believe It's Not Butter) are added and vigorously stirred with a wooden spoon.I then used my spoon from my ice cream maker to ladle it on and smooth it out

They look pretty professional, despite all the trouble. The taste - better than B& W's. (Sorry B&W).

I will definitely make them again or maybe as a layer cake form for a birthday or party.I want to try the icing with a scratch butter cake for a truly old fashioned treat.

My cupcake skills need more work, but everything baked is a step closer to creating the perfect cake, cupcake, bread, pie and cookie. It's on to the next yummy project for this home baker!.

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