Friday, January 20, 2017

Michelle Obama's Great Legacy

First Ladies are not known for their rebelliousness. They have to be genteel and not rabble rousers. Yet our former First Lady , Michelle Obama rebelled - making our kids more diligent about what they ate. She gave us a generation of kids who will be healthier and wiser in food choices..

Her Let's Move program started out with parents protesting themselves about the interference of a First Lady. From all corners of the country they yelled and made snide remarks. Unfortunately, as they did this, their kids became fatter and lazier, junior candidates for diabetes, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. Folks acquiesced when they saw she was right, and only was emphasizing what their pediatricians had already told them. It was also what Alice Waters' credo
was too. Not only were parents starting to change their kids' diets but schools were too. Gone were those mystery meat lunches and sweet extras such as cookies and cake slices.Fresh veggies and fruit became the fuel that young minds needed. Sodas were also frowned upon with kids now reaching for bottles of spring water.Mrs Obama even applied these principles to her own girls. Malia and Sasha. The White House chef created tasty and low cal dishes for all the Obamas and may have even started the food craze of riced cauliflower. The girls definitely benefited , with them reaching for apples when other kids reach for chips.

Mrs. Obama even carried it one step further by turning  part of the White House lawn into a veggie garden. She invited school kids to help her plant and water, infusing them with her enthusiasm,. It also led her to have the first White House apiary where honey was produced. This was a great message too - to use natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar. The site is still up.It's still vital and important. It shows how schools can start their own gardens, teaching kids how to eat healthier along with learning about sustainability.There is also a section that features nutritional  meals from such sites as Good Housekeeping, Food Network , Delish, and Cooking Light. Parents can visit these and pick out fun recipes that are packed chock full of tasty recipes.Mrs. Obama also made those kids burn off those calories by starting the Let's Move movement. She emphasized the importance of families playing together , from taking jogs to a game of baseball. She also emphasized the importance of towns and cities have adequate and enticing play areas to get kids moving.

It's doubtful that the current First lady will continue on with this. Yet there are those who can and will continue Michelle Obama's legacy of good eating. It will not die, but continue on, helping our kids grow healthy and strong.

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