Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lose That Holiday Fat

The worst thing about January is dealing with all that post-holiday fat and bloat.The best thing is making a resolution to eat better and healthier. It's just  matter of adjusting and making wise choices.

We're probably all cookied and candied out. After all, our nibbling involves every kind of holiday cookie, from sweetly decorated sugar cookies to homemade chocolate chip with maybe a few shortbread and oatmeal types thrown in. It's tempting to continue this, for dessert or snacking. Resist. Thanks to the wonder of importing, we can buy all sorts of fresh fruit, from blueberries to pineapples. Finish a meal with some watermelon or cantaloupe chunks. Snack on some blackberries or grapes.If you don;t want to deepen your carbon footprint by buying any of these imports, then think about canned fruit in water or a light syrup. Also, a cup of hot cocoa,is only one hundred fifty calories. Have it with low fat whipped cream for a decadent dessert Better yet , consider yogurt as a nice alternative. Yoplait has those mousse like Whips which taste and feel like a more decadent dessert.Chobani has the fun flips, a mix of yogurt, nuts and chocolate or fruit. It's a way to indulge that sweet tooth without gaining a  pound.

Chobani also has saviory yogurt mixes, perfect for those of us who still crave holiday party chips and dip.Their new Meze style dip is a smart combo of veggies and Greek yogurt. Best of all they 're only twenty-five calories  and have only ten fat calories. The flavors range from roasted red pepper to chili lime to three peppers to Parmesan onion. Dip the ever low calorie Triscuit in them for some crunchy fun. Pretzels also make a good low-calorie snack too as does popcorn, During the holidays we tend to reach for sodas or mixed cocktails to celebrate. All that sugar will only add on an extra jeans size. Go back to water and seltzer. They 're also much more refreshing, even on a chilly day.Go for refreshing and calming herbal teas after a season of pumpkin spice or peppermint lattes. After three months of ingesting basically liquid cake,a soothing cup of chamomile or green peppermint is a nice way to end a busy day It's also a good time to go back to eating, healthier meals, Instead of continuing with gravy laden holiday roasts. Think a lower calorie ratatouille instead of roast beef or turkey with gravy. if you want still want roast, think of a chicken with rosemary and no gravy.

 The holidays were culinary  fun  but it's time to get back to decent eating again. This means better and wiser choices with nutritious foods and drinks. Not only will you feel better but lighter too,

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