Friday, January 13, 2017

Another Round Of The Gallbladder Diet

The last few days have not been the best. Thanks to stress and a rich holiday diet, the old gb kicked ad created problems from intense pain  to sorry - vomiting. If you're new to gallbladder problems, don't despair - and don't be pushed into THE operation. A good diet will save you -literally,

One of the foodstuffs that did me in was butter, namely my favorite the Irish Kerrygold. A few days ago, on Tuesday, I wrote all about icings and cakes. Not anymore. Butter is off the table as is any product made with it, including homemade frosting. I have to return to I Can't Believe It's Not Butter which can be used a great butter substitute. Yet this I will use sparingly, namely on baked potatoes.Luckily I was not one for milk or cheese but I do have to cut out those subs such as soy milk and tofu.Almond milk is fine.Baked goods, whether home baked or store bought are on the taboo list.The good part of this is I will be eating more fruit such as tangerines and oranges along with strawberries and apples.These are not only better for me but they're also much more refreshing than a snack of cookies or cupcakes.Fresh fruits work for drinking too. Colas and any carbonated drinks are definitely off the table as is any alcoholic beverages.  Bottled juices are very good too but choose ones that are lower in sugar. Coffee and hot cocoa are not to be consumed either. Herbal teas are your best bet.

The gallbladder diet allows me and anyone the chance to eat leaner meats. We can eat red meat such as flank steaks that don't have fat. Those lush marbled cuts are no more,but it's better for us. Another plus is that we can have turkey and chicken breasts minus the skins. There are some great recipes out there that accentuate the fowl's flavors.Try grilled turkey with herbs such as parsley and tarragon or grilled chicken with lemon, sea salt and pepper. If you want a sandwich then have it on any toasted whole wheat or dark bread such as pumpernickel. Nix the mayo, but try bruschetta on top of it or sliced tomatoes. Salmon is a must. It's not only perfect for soothing an irritated gallbladder it's full  of Omega 3.s It's also easy to cook and grill. Think of one grilled with herbs, lemon and garlic for a satisfying and healthy dinner. Sides are always important and a gallbladder diet demands them. Think fresh salads with simple vinaigrette of just olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Add some raw cherry tomatoes, along with broccoli  and cauliflowers florets. Walnuts are the only nut we can eat so think about adding a few freshly shelled ones to your salad. Steamed broccoli and baked potatoes also make good sides. Just keep embellishment simple,Just toss on some margarine and chives for both .

Going back on a gallbladder diet is always annoying at first. Yet a simple, paleo diet will be worth it,It means a healthy gallbladder and no surgery. There's nothing better than that.

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