Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Recipes Of The Year

The New York Times Food section has comes out with their recipes of the year. One of the most favorite and famous was Sam Sifton's Mississippi Roast. This was a vastly popular one, consisting of pot roast, a stick of butter and ranch dressing.. It's a great mid-winter dish, especially paired with egg noodles or homemade dumplings. A variation on that was a plain pot roast, using the beef cut for pot eu feu.Again this is a great chilly day meal.

Another fave was Middle Eastern Herb and Garlic Chicken.It's garlicky and lemony with the right amount of spice. Chicken also stars in an enchilada recipe with a tangy salsa verde.Creamy corn pasta with basil also using fresh corn and scallion. Fresh from the stand corn is recommended but since's it's December, use the frozen stuff.Use orechette or farfalle for the pasta.

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