Friday, December 23, 2016

That Last Minute Frenzy.

The best part of Christmas is the array of dishes and drinks. The worst part is that last minute race to get everything.One of the best moves to alleviate this is to make a list of what's needed. It saves on getting doubles or forgetting a vital ingredient or component of dinner.

Tomorrow is going to be one of the busiest time of year.The roads are going to be clogged. The supermarkets are going to be jammed with home chefs and bakers looking for everything from cloves to colored sugar. It's going to be a mess, What can help anyone is making a list of what's needed. Check to see if you have all the ingredients necessary to create a holiday dinner.Also remember to stock up on the items that you know will go fast. This usually means soda, rolls, olives, and cheese. If you have to go to the store, remember that stores can run out , and the holiday weekend can interfere with deliveries. If that's the case settles for substitutes, like the generic brands. Don't go on a multi store mission.Again the main thoroughfares are not going to be the best, Stay put. Most big supermarkets like Stop and Shop and Acme have enough variety that you can find substitutes.

Another way to deal with that last minute frenzy is think outside the box. Dollar stores can provide you with everything from mints to tablecloths. They're great places to stock up on plastic cups and glasses  along with centerpieces and favors.Any dollar store has salad tongs, meat forks and a whole slew of kitchen tools to facilitate prep time. Also pick up dishwashing soap there too for all that washing up afterwards.If you run out of something during cooking or baking ,don't despair. Do what home chefs and bakers have done for centuries - borrow. If you run out of anything, then rely on friends, family and/or neighbors to supply you with any ingredient.Payback could be a cup of whatever was borrowed. An even better return is a meal in or a plate of cookies.If you can;t borrow - innovate. . Honey can be used for sugar. Nutmeg can be a sub for cinnamon. Create a new dish using what you have in the house.You may surprise yourself  along with family and guests.

Don't be swept away in the last minute holiday frenzy. Do what you can to avoid it It'll make for two days of easy cooking and baking..

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