Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gingerbread House 101

Everyone wants to make a gingerbread house for Christmas. However, it's one of the hardest baked projects to make and even experienced home bakers may balk at baking it. There is one solution - the pre fab kind .That's the one I bought at my local Walgreen's. Was it simple? I 'll let the pictures tell the story
The brand was Walgreen's on brand Savor The Season, costing only a mere $6.99. It looked easy to do, with six pre stamped pieces and an assembly tray.See below.
The house pieces are first put in the four canals or channels. This provides support something a homebaked gingerbread house doesn't have. Icing has to be applied around the pieces edges, acting as a mortar.

This has to be kneaded for two to three minutes to give it a good adhesion to the gingerbread. This is where it gets hairy and the swearing starts. The icing is kind of like a tasteless royal  icing and all that manipulation does nothing.It does come with two kinds of decorating tips, one for outlining the other for creating those snowy mounds dripping off the roof. Except the icing really drips off the roof and onto the assembly tray,It also drips down the windows and doors, giving the house a bizarre Salvador Dali effect. 

See? It only gets worse.

The roof is only slightly better. The decorations are made from Sprees, or Pucker up, peppermint discs, candy beads, and gumdrops. Unfortunately, this went on to the second problem.
The candy proved to be too heavy for the icing and fell off.The box's picture  show cheery red and green decorations, perfectly applied. Yeah, right.They had to be applied a second and third time , thanks to a heavy blob of icing and laying the candy flat against the gingerbread. Luckily it more or less worked out.

It looks cute even though the windowsills are a bit wonky. If I have to make another one, I will decorate first and then assemble.

So how would I rate this?Interesting but frustrating. To any
one getting this kit, decorate the sides and roof first, let the decorations  settle and then glue together, 

All I can say is just get it. It may turn out fairy tale perfect. It may turn out to be a salute to surrealism.

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