Friday, November 18, 2016

The Best Kombucha Guide

One of the best beverages to drink is kombucha. It's  not only good for you but good tasting as well.It's easy to make, being a fermented drink that can be home brewed. Now there's a new recipe book out , filled with refreshing and delicious tea and infusion ideas. All it takes is kombucha, water and favorite fruits,vegetables,flowers and herbs. It's then a variety of healthful, probiotic drinks.

Louise Avery wrote Living Tea (Ryland, Peters, and Small Publishers 2016,) wrote this fascinating and interesting recipe book.Many people are embracing this invigorating drink, as they're embracing other fermenting foods.What exactly is kombucha?It's a naturally sparkling fermented tea full of probiotics, along with beneficial enzymes and antioxidants. Drunk regularly like water it can cure stomach problems, mood swings and bloating.It has been around for 2,000 years , originating first in China and then moving west into Russia and  the rest of Europe. It is easy to make but you need SCOBY or symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The book lists a number of sites where you can buy it both in the US and UK. The fermentation itself also requires not only sugar and water but also special bottles such as the brewing vessels along with a thermometer and pH strips for gauging. Ms. Avery also lists the many other essentials needed for creating the drink.There is also a section on bottling and storing as well as caring for the SCOBY. She advises about how much to drink too. Kombucha is addictive, thanks to its' soda like fizziness and sweet flavor.

The book has a wide array of different add ins as well as pictorial how to with Ms. Avery showing the various steps of preparation. The recipes are divided into bases such as fruit,vegetable,flower and herb,spice and tea.She combines pears and ginger for drink full of earthiness and heat. There is a festive blood orange zinged up with bitters along with a.grapefruit and rosemary kombuicha. There are also kombuchas that feature sweet raspberries and blueberries.The last is even blended with lemonade. Veggies aren't really known for infusing teas, yet there  are vital ingredients for a flavorful brew here.Rhubarb, a veggie, usually used in pies,is turned into a tart,refreshing tea when paired with Granny Smith apples. There is a Virgin Mary recipe that combines Bloody Mary ingredients with unflavored kombucha for an eye opening breakfast beverage. Ms. Avery uses a bouquet of different flowers for floral based teas.She even recommends raiding the garden for buds and petals. There is a delicate rose petal that has overtones of the Mideast. Hibiscus petals and lavender also grace delicately scented drinks. Herbs are also used in creating tasty and healthful tonics such as one infused with turmeric. There is a guest recipe from Kombucha Brooklyn  , from owners Eric and Jessica Childs that combines different teas such as silver needle and white peony.for

Living Tea is a wonderful book that introduces people to the joys of brewing kombucha. It's is the perfect guide to creating healthy probiotic drinks that improve one's life. It is the perfect holiday gift for friends, family and even yourself!

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