Friday, November 11, 2016

Honoring Our Vets With A Good Meal

Today is Veteran's Day , the only day pf the year when we truly honor our vets. Why take only one day? There are ways to honor them all year long, whether ith a gathering or raising money for them.

This particular day should  be a special day for any vet in your life.Nothing beats a good meal with good conversation. Many restaurants are offering freebies and discounts for our brave men and women. They will need some proof of military service such as a military  ID or VA card but it could also be  a current leave and earnings statement or LES, other IDs that work are a driver;s license with veteran's designation.There's also a new federal veterans ID card  too that's accepted at many eateries. Applebee's is always good with giving discounts and makes vets and  their families welcome. Bonefish Grill is giving our brave and courageous a free plate of their famed Bang Bang Shrimp while Boston Market has free cookies. City Barbecue is offering a free sandwich.  Krispy Kreme is
letting vets try  their luscious doughnuts and coffee while Olive Garden is graciously allowing
 our vets pick out a free entry of their choice. Military families will get a big kick of getting a blooming onion at no cost at their many Outback Steakhouses or a Castle Combo at White Castle. Urge the smaller restaurants in your neighborhoods to do the same, not only on Veteran's Day but all year round.

As for the military people in your orbit, honor them with a home cooked meal or even a  basket of home baked treats.Find out their favorite foods and treat them to it. After all there's nothing like a scratch meat loaf covered in gravy with a side of mashed potatoes or a roast chicken or turkey with all the trimmings.They'll enjoy fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies or an apple pie. Don't  just make them for this day but all year long.We never really think of our veterans in the Spring and summer yet we should. Think of throwing  barbecues fo them  at your local VFW for those ho have served in wars from the second World War to our current conflicts.  Have stores donate everything from hot dogs and hamburgers to ice cream and soda. Another idea is an old-fashioned potluck picnic where everyone brings everything from macaroni and cold slaw to icebox  cakes and watermelon. Kids can also help the military during the summer months by having lemonade stands and donating the proceeds to local families for a dinner out or a day at their local  amusement or water park. They can also help out with delivering meals to elderly housebound vets as well.

We should celebrate our  veterans all year long,Yes, today is special but so are the other days in the year. Treat them and their families to good food and good conversation every day not just today.

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