Monday, November 7, 2016

A Soothing Cup Of Tea

This election has not only been the most contentious in US history, It's also the most anxiety causing too. Many are worried as to what Wednesday morning will bring. The solution to all of this - a soothing cup of tea or any comfort food to settle nerves.

Nothing beats a calming cup of tea  the night before or even the day of a stress inducing event.The herbal ones are the best. One of my favorites is Twinings Nightly Calm. It's a non-caffeine herbal tea made with chamomile. It's a great tea too to have if you,ve got a nasty stomach flu or just ate too much. Chamomile calms the stomach along with boosting spirits - which may come in handy if your candidate loses.It also helps with sleep and insomnia. Another favorite is Celestial Seasonings Sleeptytime  Extra Tea. This is a great tea for those who have problems sleeping, Along with chamomile and spearmint it also has valerian, a natural sleeping aid. To sweeten it try the Carmel Honey Company's Honey Stix. These are plastic straws filled with the company's signature wildflower honey, a sweet earthy taste that pairs well with the tea. As much as you want to indulge in a chocolate and caramel laced latte, don;t. All that sugar and caffeine will make you more wired than a kid with a mouthful of candy,The same goes for hot chocolate. It is comforting to drink when you;re watching the election  however it'll keep you up until dawn Not the best thing, especially if you have a full schedule  or an all important meeting or exam on Wednesday morning.

Are there any calming foods to watch as you're cheering on your candidate or cursing his or her opponent? Turkey comes to mind, thanks to it being loaded with tryptophan. Eat four ounces of it for dinner for a blissful night of sleep. If you can't roast a turkey,, then head to your grocery's deli counter to get it. Serve it with jarred gravy on top of a sliced roll or bread. Sub in Stovetop Stuffing or Arrowhead Mills All Natural stuffing.Have it with a side dish of asparagus which also is a calming food.It not only promotes sleep but also lessens stress and anxiety. Swiss chard is another green guaranteed to calm an antsy voter. It's loaded with magnesium which can also de-stress the body,Surprisingly olive oil is another stress buster. Create a salad with it, greens and turkey strips. Add pumpkin seeds which also help.Grains, too, can lessen that agita over who's going to be in the White House. Have a slice of toast with butter and honey along with a cup of tea as you're watching the intricacies of the electoral college. A big bowl of cereal is another dish that will help you chill. Just stay away from the sugary and chocolate laced ones. Stick with the all natural kinds like Moms Best brand, Plain cereal without milk is a nice nibble too.

Tomorrow the fate and history of the country will be decided. It has been a stressful nineteen months. Destress from it with a sleep inducing meal or a soothing cup of herbal tea.

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