Thursday, November 10, 2016

A New Way Of Baking

There's a new shift in baking these days. It's getting away from traditional wheat-based recipes and embracing other grains. Many professional bakers, such as Elizabeth Pruitt, are using a wide array of
 other grains. The result? Delicious sweets that are healthier and gluten free.

Famed blogger and food critic, Tejal Rao, wrote about  Chef Pruitt, in yesterday's New York Times Food section.Chef Pruitt  and her husband are the owners of the famed Tartine Manufactory in San Francisco. This is a former warehouse converted into a 5,000 square foot bread factory along with a pastry shop, restaurant,ice cream parlor and coffee shop in the city's Mission District. Chef Pruitt has created such wheat free gems as salted buckwheat chocolate cookies, chocolate almond cakes and apple crisps. The thrust behind it is that she is gluten intolerant herself and was exploring different grains to create heavenly desserts.She is also trying her hand at fermentation too, offering up bright yellow turmeric kefir. tangy with a fine champagne like fizz. The Tartine Manufactory also makes both cow and buffalo milk soft serve ice cream. There is even an ice cream pie filled with Concord grape sorbet  swirled with a fior di latte soft served  in a peanut butter tart shell. This creation is a star on Instagram, thanks to its' swirls of deep vibrant purple. Fans will enjoy her new cookbook, "Tartine All Day, available this April.It has a variety of both sweet and savory recipes including her favorite,pork chops braised in apple cider vinegar with ginger and garlic,

The article comes with recipes from  Chef Pruitt who actually first started off as an actress and photojournalism before heading off to the Culinary Institute of America. Her cakes are legendary, drawing praise from one of her biggest fans, the famed chef , Alice Waters. Chef Waters used to
order  her birthday cake from Chef Pruitt and has nothing but high praise for her, There is a sweet potato tea cake with meringue. This is made with wheat flour in a traditional tea cake recipe. It would be a nice alternative to sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving. It is chock full of such spices as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves along with a sweet topping that's swirled and baked with the cake. The second recipe is a teff carrot cake made with teff, a ruddy looking flour derived from reed grass. It is combined with sweet rice and oat flour. There's also a mix of granulated white and coconut sugar to sweeten it  along with  eggs and applesauce to give it a tender crumb..Walnuts and unsweetened coconut flakes are also added for texture and crunch. It's iced in in a traditional cream cheese icing. Chef Pruitt decorates the cake  with seasonal flowers and walnuts for a rustic , festive look.It would make another perfect end to a Thanksgiving meal.

It is just as easy to bake a wheat free cake as it is it is to bake a traditional one. Experiment, as chef Pruitt did, and create healthier and tastier desserts. They're not only beneficial but also delicious.

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