Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tricks, Treats Or Favors

One of the best aspects of any party are the favors. Since Halloween is all about treats then make the favors at your costume party savory and sweet fun. These can be eaten as games are being played or later on as a nice snack at home.

Many party givers lean towards the sweet but savory favors are also a fun gift. Think flavored popcorn. in festive All Hallow's bags.Making the different flavors is easy to do.Start off with about twelve to sixteen cups of plain air-popped corn. For a zingy lemon -brown butter  heat six tablespoons of butter in a skillet until browned.It usually takes about seven minutes. Afterward, stir in one and a half teaspoons of lemon zest and toss. It can also just be a plain buttered, perfect for watching those scary movies. Give your popped corn a Mediterranean twist with the addition of za'atar, that spicy mix of sumac ,dried thyme, and sesame seeds . Or try it Cajun style with  cayenne pepper, oregano, black and red pepper. Another fun party bag treat is the classic  Chex mix. Again this is an easy make. It's a mix of all Chex cereals, rice , corn, and wheat tossed with mixed nuts and bite-sized pretzels, whether sticks or nuggets. Garlic and onion powder along with Worcester sauce is added for flavor. You can vary the recipe or tailor it to suit your guests' tastes with dashes of dried herbs , spices or even freshly ground pepper. The recipe may have to be altered a bit to suit those with wheat and nut allergies. Sunflower or pumpkin seeds can be subbed in. The last would be keeping with te holiday.

A bag full of sweet treats is always nice. Both big and little party guests love a favor bag of goodies.One of the most fun and festive is Halloween bark This can be made with white,tinted, dark or milk chocolate as the base. Candy corn, whether the traditional or new salted chocolate from Brach's is a definite add in.Popcorn is another . Many recipes call for caramel but just plain popcorn would  be better to prevent the bark from becoming too sweet.Some party givers add Oreos but plain chocolate wafers give the chocolate burst without all that sugary creme For some fun toss in a dash of cayenne pepper, however, be sparing with it..For the orange chocolate add the tiniest bit of orange juice for some citrusy bite. Cranberries are another fun and colorful add in.Give a homemade bark a burst of saltiness by throwing in some crushed pretzels. Break the finished candy into small pieces that fit easily into a goodie bag. Dipped Oreos are another fun  nosh . Coat them in white chocolate and then , using a toothpick, draw faces on them with melted dark or milk chocolate or edible ink. This last can be bought online or at craft shops such as Michael's. Oreos can also be dipped in orange chocolate and decorated like jack o lanterns. Encase them up in black or orange saran wrap and then tie with a black or orange bow.

Halloween party favors can be savory or sweet. They're fun mementos to be enjoyed at the party or afterwards. They definitely more treat than trick!

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