Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pedialyte? Ugh!! Better Alternatives

I have been sick for the last week. Hopefully, it's nothing more than a bad stomach virus caught from one of my students.The doctor gave me meds but also recommended that modern kid classic Pedialyte. I figured it was just what the doc ordered. I was wrong!

I don't know how the little nippers stand the stuff. The taste is kind of like a melted lollipop dipped in ocean water. The first questions that went through my mind is "Why do kids have to drink this? Won't they spit this out?"Then when I parsed out the ingredients , the taste made sense. There's sodium chloride needed to retain water lost when a child or baby has had diarrhea along with sugar to keep up electrolytes. Electrolytes are needed to hydrate cells and a Pedialyte type drink will do the job better than just plain water. Also giving any little one plain juice or sugar water can result in more diarrhea, Unfortunately, there are some problems with it, It does come with a blend of dyes in it that are questionable along with it being pricey. Another problem is the taste. If I hate it , imagine how a three-year-old or eight-year-old responds to it.Luckily there are recipes up and down the Web that help with the taste.There's always salt and sugar added. Most moms prefer sea salt along with unrefined cane sugar. Another variation uses honey, however, be careful wth this. As we all know children under the age of one cannot process it and it could be lethal. Use Jello or orange juice for flavoring instead.

What about us adults? The company actually puts out an adult version which is perfect for those suffering from illnesses that can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea, It's also recommended for those recovering from hangovers.Pedialyte adds probiotics too to promote digestive health although that' s probably the last thing you're thinking of when you're surviving the aftereffects of too many pale ales or margaritas.It comes in more grown-up flavors like Blue Raspberry , Strawberry Lemonade and, Cherry Punch and Tropical Fruit. Is it better than that other go to , Gatorade?Both have the relatively same mix of sodium, sugar, and water. For water retention, Pedialyte or even a homemade version will beat Gatorade. Yet it's Gatorade that adults prefer because it has half the sodium, hence not as salty a taste.It does come n yummier flavors such as citrus watermelon, the original lemon-lime  along with variations on berry and tangerine.You can make your own (as well as for dogs and cats too, however, get your vet's OK before creating it). Jello is recommended but I would use organic juice such as Bai along ith both sea salt and sodium chloride .

Is Pedialyte a must when you;re sick? Yes and no. I'm sticking with my doctor' advice for now. When I feel better, I'll make my own.It's stile a vile drink but I think that a homemade version may be a tad better.

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