Monday, October 3, 2016

Microwaves Which One Is For You?

As much fun as cooking is, shopping for the  perfect microwave that facilitates it is not. There are different sizes and types to think about as well as availability.The best and easiest way to approach this is to be prepared. Go into the store with not just an idea but some knowledge too.

One of the first questions to ask when considering a new microwave is its' use.  Will it be used for reheating lasagnas and casseroles or its it just for making popcorn or heating up coffee?If it's the first then you'll need a bigger model.Aim for one that's over 1.2 cubic feet. If it's just you and you rarely use one then buy a smaller one,, about .5 cubic feet.Another choice to consider is conventional or convection.A conventional microwave oven emits waves that pass through glass and plastic containers to cook all different types of foods.and drinks.Convection microwaves step it up a notch by having a fan to circulate the warm air. This results in more thorough cooking  which translates to juicier pot roasts and crustier pizzas instead of greyish meat and soggy slices. Some convection microwaves have a quartz halogen bulb that emits an intense heat used for roasting  and grilling. This is perfect for those who want a more flavorful chop or crisped burgers and dogs.They also have more cooking modes than the average microwave so expect to pay more.One of the best is from Samsung that even has a slim fry which is an oil-less fryer (!) Cuisinart also has an excellent one that has an outstanding grill , perfect for getting that barbecued taste in the upcoming winter months.

The next aspect to consider is style. Most home chefs prefer the compact counter top ones. These are perfect for reheating or cooking frozen dinners. A typical size for this kind is 18 inches wide by 14 inches deep and 12 inches tall. These are one of the most affordable and can be taken from one home to another. The colors are usual, stainless steel, black, white or red. There are some that comes in aqua ,cream yellow and pink, A handy extra is a microwave cart if you don';t have one already. Target can't be beat for them. It has the most elegant and pared down styles that can also hold microwave accessories and even cookbooks Then there are built in microwaves.These would appeal to those who are planning or thinking about a complete kitchen makeover. They often feature oven style front facing doors. They have a variety of features that make them a luxury item. Look for those with a range hood which makes them better at venting.. Some microwaves have child locks which eliminates any worries and fears about the little ones experimenting.When looking into a microwave , think about how it ill look in your cabinets. Choose one that is stylish and will look good with the cabinet's style.If's it a sleek modern then go with the stainless steel or black , if it's a French Provincial cream, then go with the white. Think about a black one if your ideal kitchen is going to done in fruitwoods  or teak.

Microwaves make home cooking easy. Looking for one should be even easier. Just go in with the right info and a definite idea of what you want. It means fitting the right appliance in the right kitchen.

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