Monday, October 17, 2016

Medicinal Foods

Remember the old saying : feed  cold and starve a fever.It's true. What you eat can help or hinder your illness,whether it's a full-blown stomach virus or a slight sniffle.You need to be prepared since it's cold and flu season already.

One of the best elixirs I can recommend is that Jamaican classic ginger beer. It's great for taming a stomach virus along with helping to relieve gas and bloating.Many confuse it with its' milder cousin ginger ale. The beer is actually brewed and  another tummy settler - lemon juice - is added in.It's much stronger than ginger ale which is nothing more than fizzy water with ginger flavor added.The first was created surprisingly not in Jamaica but  in Ireland in 1851 while the other was created in 1907 by Canadian John McLaughlin. The company evolved into Canada Dry and they still make the mellow drink. Try to have one or the other (not many stores sell ginger beer,Stop &Shop has its;' own brand and Stewart's also makes it).Another must for virus season is any cola drink, whether it be Coke, Pepsi or a generic in house brand.Cola poured over crushed ice also helps soothe a troubled stomach, .All kitchen should have herbal teas, especially peppermint or chamomile.These not only help a stomach that's been ravaged by a nasty bug but great in calming a sore throat.Colds benefit from fresh pressed juices This is the time to get oranges along with apples and pears ad start juicing..

Boullion cubes should be in every kitchen. Individual cubes ca be turned into broths for one,They are a great bridge from not eating to be able to get down some food. It seems vegetable bouillon is the mildest. There's none of that slightly fatty aftertaste that you get with the chicken and beef kinds. They also make excellent bases for simple soups such as pastina, orzo and my all time favorite pompeist, the Piedmontese mix of broth, beaten egg and bread crumbs.Stay away from canned soup. They're not hat your stomach needs. Homemade is better. Have these with crackers and fact these will probably be the only kinds of foods that you'll eat after a stomach virus. What about transitioning into regular food again.  Think dry as in sliced chicken or turkey.If you don;t feel like cooking a whole bird, remember that diners always have these two meats . Order a plain  no mayo sandwich from yours on toast.from your local one. The BRAT diet-bananas, rice, applesauce, toast  is a tried and true one for diarrhea. Bananas are chock full of potassium which will be depleted thanks to  it being forced out fo you. Rice with butter is another good transitional food. For more flavor cook the rice in broth as opposed to plain water. Use the applesauce if you're craving something sweet.

Be prepared this cold,  flu, and virus season with the right foods. These will help you get over those nasty bugs, sniffly noses and scratchy throats.Having them is your best for a speedy recovery.

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