Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloweenies And Fright Burgers

It's the start of Halloween week and that means one thing  -fun food!! It 's getting creative and coming up with ghoulishly good treats and meals. Make these scary dogs and fright burgers for dinner or for a weekend of parties! They're sure to be loved by big and little trick or treaters across the board.

Hot dogs are one of the best mediums for All Hallow's fun. They can be dressed in as  costumes just as  real dogs can. One of the most fun is mummy dogs, These are simply taking a sheet of Pillsbury crescent rolls and first pressing the perforations to seal them. Take a knife and then cut each dough rectangle into ten thin strips.Also, cut slices of American, cheddar, or Monterey Jack cheese into four pieces..  Wrap four dough strips around the dogs and cheese and leave a 1/2 inch space for a 'face'. Bake for thirteen to seventeen minutes or until golden brown. Use a toothpick and mustard to draw on faces.Serve with any kind of mustard , from honey to spicy Dijon. For a healthier spin use soy dogs and soy cheese. You can also make your own gluten-free dough too.Another cool ghoul idea is monster fingers. It's just simply cutting the franks so  they look like fried, boiled or - really creepy - grilled fingers.Slice a square top layer off so it looks like a nail bed. Then slice two lines an inch below the nail and three lines midway to resemble knuckles. Make it look even gorier by putting a thin line of ketchup along the nail bed and maybe a little oozing out of the "knuckles".Serve on pita rounds cut square  to resemble bandages.

Burgers are another versatile "dress up" dinner. They , too, can be turned into yummy mummies. It's just taking any of your favorite sliced cheese  and  cut it into strips. Place haphazardly across a cooked burger, leaving a space for eyes. Cook burgers and cheese for five minutes or until cheese gets melty. Put two dots of mayo  in the eye space. Top with olive quarters. Jack o lanterns are another fun dinner, Use slices of good sharp cheddar and a paring knife to cut out eyes, nose, and teeth, Place cheese on burgers five minutes before serving or until cheese melts around the edges. You can make homemade devil burgers, patties that carry a huge amount of heat. It's taking a regular hamburger recipe and livening it up a dash of chili powder. This is perfect for teens and teens, but be careful with younger kids - who many not be used to hotness. Sriracha sauce can be subbed in  for the chili powder. Serve your devil burgers not with ketchup or barbecue sauce but with a cool ranch dressing or dip.This ices down the burgers a lot and it also goes well with onion rings and fries which have to be served.You can also make devil meatballs too to go with an equally fiery arribiata sauce.

Hot dogs and hamburgers are even better to decorate than pumpkins. There are so many neat methods to serve them for  Halloween week. Discover the fun! Make them for  tasty treating.

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