Friday, October 28, 2016

A Teen Most's Sweet Mission

Most thirteen-year-old boys barely care about their rooms , let alone the environment. Yet there is one kid who is making a tremendous impact , thanks to  his curious mind and dedicated heart. Not only that he's saving bees as well as giving the food world an extraordinary new brand.

The young man responsible for all this is thirteen (!) year old Jake Reisdorf of Carmel, California. He was eleven at the time of creating  Carmel Honey Company, thanks to a school project. It was a "real world" homework assignment where he researched and wrote about bees it got him an A but also a passion for bees as he learned about Colony Collapse Disorder and  honey. The first is a serious disorder where a majority of worker bees disappear ,leaving behind just the queen and a few nurse bees to care for immature bees. Jake was curious about this and wondered what he could do to amend the situation. After all , there has been a scary decrease in the insect for the last few years.Everything from crops to livestock  will wither without them. Unlike kids his age who have a huge collection of skateboards, Jake put his money into hives and started his own apiary or bee farm.Soon he was selling honey and honeycombs. the profits going to research and educating the public about these vital insects.jake even travels to schools, giving lectures about the importance of bees Even the company website gives tips about attracting bees into yards and gardens.

The bees have also produced delicious types of honey as well. Carmel Honey Company sells honey and honeycombs. The first comes in four plant infused flavors. There is Meadowfoam which  has a vanilla taste and would work well over vanilla ice cream as well as sweetening vanilla chai tea.  Sage honey is another big seller and has a slightly sweeter taste than the average honey.Use it to make holiday mead drinks.There's also wildflower honey , made from the nectars of several different flowers indigenous to the Carmel area. This has a dark, earthy taste, that's delicious glaze for roast chicken or sweetening cocktails and even tomato sauce.. My favorite is the Orange Blossom which has a mellow citrussy tang to it.  There is a sampler pack of the four flavors  which would make a great gift for any foodie.Jake also sells the convenient Honey Stixs. These are long plastic straws filled with the wildflower\version. Each straw holds a teaspoon of honey. and is a great picker upper for those who want a better sweet boost than candy. Jake also sells actual honey filled honeycombs. a  must for any kitchen.It is rich , fresh honey that is a must ingredient for any holiday cooking, sweet or savory,

It's amazing how a school project turned ino a passion and a business. Even more amazing is the young man behind it, Jake Reisdorf. He will definitely be one of the movers and shakers of his generation!

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