Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dinner At Midnight

We all lead busy lives which means  strange eating habits and hours.That could mean roast chicken at midnight or breakfast at noon. It's hard to maintain healthy eating when your internal clock is screwed up.This usually means pounds gained and bad nutrition.

One of the worst work hours is the overnight shift. This is usually reserved for  hospital workers but it can also include delivery people, truckers and even bartenders who work into the wee hours.It's tempting to grab a full meal at midnight.when it feels like lunchtime. The best bet is to eat lean proteins such as chicken and turkey.Hard boiled eggs and cheese are also good choices. Crudites and dip are also acceptable "nighttime" shift plates. Have a variety such as pea pods carrots , peppers and broccoli for color and crunch. Eat fruit for dessert.Stay away from caffeine loaded coffee and chocolates which will keep you awake. Have a calming tea such as Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea instead of soda. This is loaded with  chamomile and spearmint which helps in relaxing.Low protein foods such as toast and jam or even orange juice can also make up a meal. It is tempting to run to an all night fast food joint or even a diner, but don't. The fat alone , not to mention the excess salt and sugar is unhealthy and will just lay in your stomach.Another must is making other meals just as light and low in calories.Think soup and salads, along with grilled chicken and grilled veggies.

What about those nine to when the day is done work days?Quitting time is anywhere from eight PM to midnight.Do you succumb to hunger and fatigue and go to a restaurant? Do you hit a fast food joint for a bag of burger, fries and a malt? No! Eating a heavy meal after seven PM can bring only not only high blood pressure but an increased risk for a heart attack. Stick with something light but filling. Sandwiches work. Try a peanut butter one. Peanut butter is full of tryptophan and protein , perfect for making you drowsy after a long, grueling day. One filled with turkey and avocado is another good choice.You could also try a kale and walnut salad. Add some strips of turkey or chicken to give it more oomph. Eggs too are another choice. One, they easy to whip up, especially scrambled or soft boiled with some whole wheat toast and two, they're light but satisfying. , Keep away from any fried foods. As tasty as that fried steak sounds, hold it off  for lunch.Wine is off the table too.You may think a glass of red or white is the perfect way to end a hectic day. It's not, creating sleep disturbances that can screw up your next work day.Stick with iced tea or flavored seltzer to go with your meal.

Strange dinner hours can wreak havoc on a life and a diet.Stick with light meals, full of foods that will relax you after a long stressful day.Work hard, eat easy. It'll keep you going during any grueling work day and night.

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