Monday, September 19, 2016

Are You A Kitchen Hoarder?

We're all guilty of it,some of us more than others.We mean to quit , yet can't thanks to enablers like stores, TV  and,even family. What is this crime? Kitchen hoarding and be honest - we've  all done it at one time or another in our lives.

Kitchen hoarding just doesn't apply to food. It also applies to gadgets, dishes, and even pot holders(well, these are so darn cute, that they're impossible to pass up ) The collecting gets to be too much and the room starts looking like a hoarder's paradise. The problem is that's it's hard to throw out stuff.My fridge looks like a hungry hoarder's, thanks to holding on to all sorts of food and over buying.I have about six jars of jelly, all with varying amounts of the stuff.Some even have developed a top layer of mold on them which I always skim off. I always mean to use ll of them up but wind up buying a new jar of a different flavor. The same holds true for all those mayo jars and catsup bottles taking up space. I somehow develop memory loss when I go food shopping. This is also why I have four kinds of cookies and crackers in the misnamed bread drawer.Luckily the baked goods can be given to the critters outside, from the birds to the raccoons. Cookies can also be put into the food processor to make crumbs for topping sundaes and cupcakes as wells layers in trifle.

. The leftovers sides and main meals are another story. It seems wasteful to throw away even a forkful of salad yet if it's left too long it's forgotten, mold appears. It's not that black spot kind of rot, but that big fuzzy white kind that could grow into an animal companion if left  alone Home chefs have to make a rule. If not eaten in  fours days to a week toss. The same applies to cookies and snacks but with a slightly longer time frame. Also make a point of not buying anything until you're out of it. Doing this also cuts down on kitchen clutter.Let's face it. This is hard to do especially when
stores have such a tempting array of goodies.As for gadgets, don't be seduced by those cooking articles and blogs. This is how I wound up with an emulsion blender, bought in the beginning of the summer. Two months later it's still in its box, waiting to be used.Ditto for the ice cream maker that  was only used twice and is still sitting in the fridge containing month old home made lemon ice.I have to contain myself when I see a cotton candy machine, which I know would be perfect in creating wild and exciting desserts. .Unfortunately it would sit in the box it came in for a year before I would actually use it. Even a large array of cute potholders will take up room. Cut it don to a managable four.

Kitchen hoarding is not good.. Stop yourself if you start buying too many twofer ones or a neat new gaget that will make cooking and baking fun. You'll have a room full of junk and excess.

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