Monday, August 15, 2016

Viki's Granola A Treat Throughout The Day

What can start off your day, be a great snack in the afternoon and top off your dessert? Viki's Granola. This tasty and good for you treat can be used so many different ways. Not only that -it's a spoonful of nutrition, thanks to it being packed with simple ingredients like oats, nuts and honey.

Viki's Granola was started by Viki Sater in 2011, mainly by popular demand. Ms. Sater often made her homemade granola for her kids' school's bake sales. It was the first item sold out with locals who wanted more.Even the principal called in requests.  The mix became the star of every bake sale, thanks to a growing fan base.What was a passion now had the potential to become a thriving business. It's now sold in Wegman's Whole Foods, Stop & Shop and Jewel Osco. Her success was meteoric and this year she was named one of New York Business Journal's Women of Influence. Her product is one of the few out there that uses all natural ingredients.Gluten free oats are blended with honey, and canola oil for flavor and binding.Coconut flakes are a main ingredient too in all the flavors. The blueberry and almond has the nut slivers and dried blueberries, Her maple cranberry not only has pure maple syrup and dried cranberries for color and flavor but also chopped walnuts. The banana walnut has healthy sized dried banana chips and large pieces of walnuts while the apple cinnamon has a good dollop of the dried fruit and spice but also raisins and pecans too. Even the original recipe has the perk of sunflower seeds, sliced almonds and pecans.

I love this granola, especially the banana walnut!It makes for not only a good snack but a nice way to start a day.It's sweet without being cloyingly so.The granola is also a nice nibble on its' own,With every pinch being loaded with nuts and fruit.I'm also going to be topping my banana "ice cream" with it for a healthier spin.I can also make pops and roll them in the granola for a tasty and crunchy coating. Home bakers can use the granola to top off banana bread or muffins.Jazz up pancakes and waffles with them or make a sweet breakfast pizza , sprinkling the granola over a sweet bread crust loaded with sliced bananas , strawberries and vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.Any of Viki's granola flavors can be used in making cookies too as seen on the recipe section of Viki's website. There are some yummy ones especially the granola truffles made with chocolate, heavy cream and butter, then rolled in the original recipe granola.. There are also fun granola bites which would add to a holiday cookie platter. It's just chocolate chips mixed with peanut butter and coated with granola. Kids will love the banana pops, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate  and then dipped again in the banana walnut mix. The granola can be used in salads, surprisingly and as a coating for chicken - and also for pork too..

Viki's Granola is a versatile blend of flavors and textures in a healthy mix that features oats ,honey and nuts. Try any of the flavors for breakfast or as a snack, Better yet add it to any dessert or baked treat for added goodness.It's not only healthy but versatile too.

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