Friday, August 5, 2016

Rio Carnival Of Food

Rio is awash in Olympic fever right now, with athletes and locals getting wild in the city of samba and sunshine. The city is know for it's festive atmosphere and party foods.It's a tasty mix of four Continents melded together to create a unique and delicious cuisine.

What is Brazilian food?It'a a truly fine mix of European, African Asian and indigenous recipes and ingredients.The country doesn't have regionalized cuisine, per se .It's divided into four sections, There is southeast Brazil's fejoada, one of the country's most famous dishes.This is a kind of stew, made from black beans mixed with pork and beef. Tomatoes, carrots and cabbage round it out and it's usually served with rice. It's all prepared in a big  clay pot over a low heat.Sometimes blood sausage is served with it as well.The Japanese also went to Brazil and with them brought spring rolls that transformed into pastel, a kind of  thin pastry envelope filled with meat and/or cheese. These became a popular street food.In the ocean side state of Espirito Santo German and Italian immigrants influenced  the cuisine. especially the Northern Italian dish of polenta.Olive oil is mandatory  in cooking too, another Italian influence. In the nearby state of Minas Gerais,frango con quiabo, chicken with okra along with tutu de feijo. a mix of cassava paste and beans is a favorite.

Northern Brazil, especially around the Amazon Forest the food is the purest of indigenous recipes and cuisines.One of the most famous dishes is palo no tucapi  a duck soup that is literally cooked in front of the eater. It is first spicing  and then roasting a duck with bacon in a clay pot, then covering it with tomatoes, watercress and garlic. it's then served with manioc flour and white rice. The northeastern part of the country from Ba'hia to Perambuco has a cuisine that is a marriage of African and indigenous ingredients.They make vatapa a dish of shrimp, bread and coconut mixed with a paste of peanuts and cassava.The dish can also be made with chicken or tuna. Another shrimp dish is Bobo de Camaro made with the seafood and manioc cream.A popular street food is acaraje a fried ball made from black eyed peas cooked in dende or palm oil. Tapioca is also big here and it's made into a flat bread and eaten for breakfast,usually with a filling of cooked cheese and flan.Popular throughout Brazil is the many different kinds of pastas the immigrants brought with them.From spaghetti to ramen, these make up a good portion of the diet.

Rio is a city awash in Olmypic spirit right now. It is also awash in a myriad of different foods influenced from the indigenous and immigrants that give it its colors.The food is amazing.The country is amazing. Rio is an amazing food town.

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