Friday, August 12, 2016

Eat Right Eat Light

Every summer we go  through intolerable heat waves where even just chewing seems to be too much exertion. It throws off our stomachs, creating all sorts of problems from digestive imbalances to just a simple upset. What to do ? Eat right - eat light,

Save those  pancakes and French toasts for chillier fall mornings. The best way to start a sweltering day is with a filling and light breakfast. Try a bowl of strawberries and blueberries with vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.You could also have them in a bowl of rice puffs or cornflakes. Another lighter option is cantaloupe slices or a melon salad. If you feel up to something hot then think two scrambled eggs with toast. It's filling enough without feeling heavy. You could also go with a couple of slices of whole wheat  or rye toast with a skin of margarine or even butter followed by a thin layer of jam, Take advantage of the season's harvests for your morning snacks too. A zip lock bag of any kind of berry or peaches can stop those eleven o' clock hunger pains,It's tempting to get one of those big frosty, whipped cream, chocolate syrup infused coffees that's more cake than drink, but put the brakes on that desire. Stick with iced black coffee or tea, especially for breakfast and mid morning. Another drink idea is having sparkling water with fruit filled ice cubes. These could even be put into iced teas too to add more flavor.

Salads will always be the best choice for lunch and dinner when it feels like a red hot dryer out there. Again , nix the heavy.foods. As much as you'd like a steak sandwich with onion rings, get rid of the bread, cube the steak and have it in a bowl of greens.Add fresh sliced red onions along with grape tomatoes and a light dressing. Craving pizza which can sometimes be too much on a broiling day? Then think a bread salad. This Southern Italian favorite  combines tomatoes garlic and basil in an just an olive oil dressing Slice the Italian bread wafer thin or even cube it if you want. Grilled meals can also be light, from red meat to fish. Keep away from the heavy marinades , loaded with molasses , ketchup or sugar. Go for a squeeze of lemon or lime for the fish and chicken,Steaks and even lamb cutlets can be brushed with basil infused olive oil and then grilled. Another idea is going meatless. Have soy burgers and dogs instead of the beef and pork kind. Instead of buns , think toasted pita bread. Mayonnaise based salads may be too much right now. You can create a lighter cole slaw by subbing in olive oil for the mayo, and adding fresh ground peppercorns for bite. Change that heavy macaroni  salad for a lighter orzo one, full of pea pods, tomatoes and parsley.

The temps right now are not conducive for heavy meals and heavy eating. Go lighter and feel better. It's the only way to eat during an August heat wave.

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