Monday, July 25, 2016

Going Back To The Outback

Outback Steakhouse is one of those chain restaurants that guarantees good fun and good food. it does live up to its' promise and proved to be entertaining. What was the big surprise is that it also promises healthy food. Who knew that the place that offers the Blooming Onion could offer blooming nutritious. ? It was  time to go back to the restaurant from Down Under.

There was a twenty year gap between this visit and my last to Outback Steakhouse. It still had the long wait (nearly half an hour) even at nine PM  - although it was a Saturday night, the most popular time to go. A new generations of servers were on hand to sing Happy Birthday to other diners as well as to eagerly wait. The decor is still the same, with those many nooks and booths that give semi privacy. The menu is as big as ever. Yes, there still is the Blooming Onion which has always been there and not going anywhere,despite protests from nutritionists and health nuts. There are still steaks and the only thing that sort of rings Aussie is the New Zealand lamb. Surprisingly the restaurant is all American , originating out of Tampa, Florida in 1988. It was created by Bob Basham, Chris T.Sullivan,, Trudy Cooper and Tim Gannon. Chris T. Smith went on to create other  popular chain restaurants, Carrabba's Grill,Fleming's Steakhouse and Wine Bar, Bonefish Grill and Cheeseburger In Paradise. Outback is a fun place, whether for a date or a family night out. Happily they've changed their menu to reflect the push for healthier foods.There a smaller version of the Blooming Onion along with meals that are under six hundred calories. There are also more nutritious sides to choose from.

How is the food? Still good. I did have qualms going there however after seeing the 600 calorie meals, felt better. They start you off with a warm loaf of sweet brown bread and butter which is a nice opener. My group and I ordered the Bloomin Petals a smaller version of the onion.It was still a
 copious pile of deep fried batter dipped "petals" served with a spicy chipotle sauce, a bit oily to eat so late but crunchy and delicious. I liked the fact that there as a choice of soup and salad with the  meal and opted for the bowl of French onion soup (to be honest I would have just preferred this, given the late hour).It was rich with a good beef stock and perfect amount of cheese. Outback is first and foremost a steak house and there was a multitude of cuts to choose from. I went with the most healthiest the smallest cut of sirloin with a side of mixed veggies.. The meat was just the right size and cooked to a tender and juicy medium. The mix of broccoli and carrots was a bit plain but that was remedied with a ramekin of butter. Their burger was equally good, dense  and juicy. Dessert was a huge wedge of their six layer chocolate cake served with ramekins of whipped cream and raspberry coulis. The crumb was suitably moist and the icing fudgy, made a bit more palatable with the tangy fruit sauce.

Will there be another gap between this visit and my next visit to the Outback Steakhouse. No, I was impressed with the quality and flavor as well as many healthy and nutritious choices.It's definitely on my must visit again list.

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