Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Food's Greatest Hits A New Summer Hit?

Right now there's a dearth of reruns on TV, even with the channels dedicated to cooking. Yet the Cooking Channel has given us a fun filled,, fact filled.show. Food's Greatest Hits is a mash up of history, dares and recipes on some of our most beloved dishes.It's a frothy meringue of a show, worth watching.

The show had its' debut on the Cooking Channel last night at 10 'o clock and another at 10:30. (it's also shown on Tuesday afternoons between 2 and 3). The first episode was dedicated to cheese. They featured a salute to baked mac along with cheesecake. It's always interesting to know a recipe's origin and history. It's neat the way they do it with graphics and a time line. I didn't know that the two dishes started in ancient Rome and ancient Greece respectively. Another aspect of the show is how the show brings on chefs and food hosts from their various shows to try different variations of the dishes. My favorite was when they presented the participants with a Maine version of baked macaroni. It was mixed with lobster meat and served in a whole lobster shell. (and of course, the chefs and hosts who the show groups in pairs - wore lobster claw mitts). The cheesecake segment was also outrageous, with an Elvis style one loaded with peanut butter, bacon and bananas! There was also a bit on grilled cheese that went over the top too, especially the breakfast one..

The second show was devoted to carnival foods, especially funnel cakes.I had no idea that they came from Germany and that the Pennsylvania Dutch brought them over. What the show did with them was another matter. Funnel cakes are just good with a dusting of powdered sugar, but the show's chefs' took this simple treat to a whole other level. There was a funnel cake ice cream sandwich topped with a multicolored puff of cotton candy. Then there was the one topped with multicolored candy corn that would make even the fiercest sugar addict say "No!"Another interesting segment revolved around the corn dog and a segment on loaded fries . Many Cooking Channel fans will recognize some of the hosts, from Reverend Run to Haylie Duff, Alie Ward to Georgia Hardstock along with Justine Simmons.Future episodes include breakfast foods, sugar rush that features cookies, cupcakes and ice cream sundaes.Another upcoming episode that should be riveting is one dedicated to Mexican food. Hopefully they'll do episodes on healthier dishes along with fruits and veggies for those of us who are into more natural noshes

If you're looking for fresh , entertaining fare this summer tune in to Food's Greatest Hits. It's a fun romp into our favorite foods and their histories. It's a sweet treat for a summer's night.

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