Saturday, July 23, 2016

Feeding The Animals

Even animals, both domestic and feral need a break during these hot days. They , too, suffer from the heat and its' consequences. Make it a bit easier on them so they can enjoy and survive this humid weather. They'll feel better and so will you.

One of the musts for any indoor or out door creature is a cool bowl of water. One of the best ideas is to put an ice cube or two so that the water maintains that refreshing coldness. Chilled milk is fine for both your domestic kitty and feral visitor. Just keep it out of the direct sunlight along with diluting it with water (pure milk can cause stomach problems and diarrhea). As for food, you can let the ferals gnaw on any ribs or bits and pieces of dogs and burgers leftover from your barbecue. It's better, though  just to open up a can of food because the scraps may be too much for certain cats and dogs. If you've just started to feel ferals or are starting a feral cat colony, remember that other animals, primarily raccoons, will also eat whatever you',ve left out. What you can do is provide them with extra grub in the form of leftover bread and cookies.(for some reason they're partial towards sweets however don't give them anything with chocolate in it. chocolate is lethal for raccoons too).If you're lucky enough to have deer, then feed them accordingly. They eat plant,s fruit and nuts. You could buy extra melon or drupe fruit such as nectarines, plums and peaches and then pit them. Just remember that deer cannot eat corn. It's highly lethal and can cause extreme sickness.

Just like many of us, the homeless also have companion animals. Like ours they need to have proper food and water to survive.If you do have a homeless person on your block with a cat or dog, treat the companion to a meal. Set out some bowls with ice water and either dry or wet food. Also check to see if the animal is showing signs of dehydration. They will usually have sunken eyes, the skin can be tented (to see this pick up the folds of skin along the spine and see if it snaps back into place. If not the animal may need subcutaneous fluids which a vet or vet tech can give you or can administer) and pale , shrunken gums. Some homeless shelters like the ones in Los Angeles and New York City will also take in companion pets however if not offer to foster the animal in your back yard or garage.Another idea is supplying food pantries with dog and cat food. Many people do have companion animals but don't have the extra money for food. Donate what you can to your nearest shelter, whether it's dry or wet, aimed at kittens and puppy or senior cats and dogs. Also donate to your nearest no kill shelter as well. To show your appreciation , consider giving the staff there a tray of cupcakes or donating to their barbecues. Many work tirelessly to help these abandoned and unwanted creatures.Show them your gratitude  for what  they are doing.

Animals too need a break in this hot weather. Make sure they're well hydrated and well fed. They'll appreciate it with a purr or a wagging tail.

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