Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Your Fun Low Fat Summer Diet

Low fat does not have to be boring. In fact, it can be fun, thanks to some innovative gadgets and recipes.This makes for  some exciting eating while losing weight and gaining important nutrients.

Since it is summer, take advantage of melons - any kind. Cantaloupes are big right now and these are perfect for any meal. Start off a sweltering day with a cool slice of one along with an iced coffee or tea. Another idea is filling the middle with vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. Add berries such as strawberries or blueberries for some color and a good shot of antioxidants . You can also turn it into a refreshing drink Take half of the melon and blend with a cup of low fat milk, soy or almond milk for a nice way to start the morning - or end the day,Watermelon is all over the place right now and we're going to see more of it as the season progresses. Try watermelon infused drinks  such as agua fresca. Puree chunks of it and add that along with lime juice to seltzer as an alternative to soda and iced tea. A melon salad is also a nice start to dinner or dessert. Shred some mint leaves on top for a shot of coolness. Peaches are also in season, They make great snacks  if you're craving something sweet. A decadent dessert is layering fresh peach slices with low fat whipped cream for a  not all that bad for you treat. You can also layer them along with the berries of the season with Greek yogurt and almonds for yummy low cal parfaits.Another fun treat is layering the fruit with  banana ice cream made with only frozen bananas.

This is the start of squash season too. Zucchini is always the star of the season, thanks to its' abundance in farmers markets and gardens.One cup of it is only thirty-six calories, so it's the perfect food for summer dieters.It's a hot veggie right now, thanks to the zuchetti maker or spiralizer. I highly recommend adding this gadget to any kitchen. It's an hourglass shaped grater that produces long spaghetti like spirals or strands called zoodles. You can make low calorie  zuchetti that has only sixty calories a plate and that includes the sauce .These squash noodles can even be turned into fries by batter dipping them in a low calorie batter and then baking them. Zoodles can also be used in stir fries too.  If you get zoodled out then chunk them up to be  roasted alongside other summer vegetables such as bell peppers and onions, for a healthier take on barbecue.These can be first cut up into chunks and marinated in olive oil and lemon. They can be grilled on their own or with chicken or lean cuts of beef. Add tomatoes and they can be part of a salsa crudo with the zoodles or whole wheat pasta. Tomatoes will soon be all over the place as we progress into July and August. They're great  in homemade salsas and also fresh sauces. Chop plum tomatoes and let them soak in some chopped garlic and olive oil  as you also boil pasta.Pour the cooked spaghetti or angel hair over them, The heat will cook up the tomatoes. You can also add capers and olives for more flavor.

Summer dieting is easy. There's a wide range of fruits vegetables and meats to choose from to help lose the weight and gain the nutrients. Best of all , they can be made in a variety of fun and exciting ways.

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