Friday, June 17, 2016

The Best Grain Free Recipe Book

Grain free living doesn't have to have the limitations that normally go with restricted diets.Thanks to a new and innovative cookbook,those with gluten and grain allergies can not only have delicious meals but mouth watering snacks too. It's packed with advice, info and best of all those yummy recipes.

Laura Fuentes, creator of the Momables Meal plan where parents can get recipes and ideas delivered to their inboxes has written a cookbook similar to them. The Best Grain-Free Family Meals On The Planet (Quanto Publishing Group USA) is based on her experiences dealing with her own gluten allergies as well as her children's,They all needed healthier eating for a better life and that required less processed food and more natural.What is most helpful is the section, called Real Life and Food that  addresses picky eaters and what to do at social functions.She recommends bringing all the dishes out on he table and letting the kids choose what looks good to them.As for social functions it's best to bring a lunchbox or thermos. That way the hosts don't have the worry about guests reacting to certain dishes.Ms. Fuentes also has a list of essentials for a complete grain free pantry and how home chefs can clean out theirs. There is a section about where to get ingredients from , growing them to hitting farmers' markets to becoming a member of shopping clubs CostCo and Sam's Club  offer a trove of fresh produce  along with healthy oils and spices. She also recommends shopping online too. She writes about what tools to use and recommends getting a spiralizer, that fun kitchen tool, that turns zucchini into zuccheti along with the usual hand mixers and slow cookers.

The recipes are divided into sections, from breakfasts to lunchbox favorites. There are also  extensive chapters on family meals and snacks and treats. Kids won't have to sacrifice their favorite dishes , thanks to this cookbook. Breakfast recipes are silver dollar pancakes with coconut flour and blueberry maple breakfast sausages.There are also sorts of muffins ,from a peaches and cream one to a chocolate chip. Ms. Fuentes even has breakfast cookies and the exotic Middle Eastern egg and tomato dish shakshura. The lunchbox recipes are great for both school and those vacation days spent at home.Try the recipe for veggie falafels, made not with chickpeas, but with onion, cauliflower and zucchini.,bound together with almond flower.For a healthy lunch or snack make the seven layer Greek cups, loaded with feta, hummus and kalamata olives. Dinner recipes are equally fun . Kids and parents will love the quick mu shu pork and the shrimp scampi with spaghetti squash. There are recipes for zoodles or zucchetti.Ms. Fuentes even makes a ramen soup with them! Snacks and treats are many , each as tasty as the next. There are plantain and beet chips that will surely replace the bought potato ones. There are flourless bites made with raisins as the binder. These come in yummy flavors like cherry chocolate and apple pie along with coconut brownie. A homemade version of Nutella along with ice cream are also included as are grain free cupcakes with rich fudgy frosting.

The Best Grain-Free Family Meals On The Planet is a kitchen must have for those families with gluten allergies. The recipes are easy and tasty, sure to be family classics .Buy it today and start creating these grain free dishes!

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