Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fermenting Your Diet

Many home chefs think that fermenting foods is an elaborate and complicated process.It really isn't thanks to a new cookbook that pares it down to an easy science.Anyone , from novice to expert transform simple cabbage into sauerkraut and tea into kombucha.

Fermented Foods At Every Meal (Fair Winds Press) is both an interesting guidebook and cookbook on the basics of fermentation and the recipes that spring form the fermented foods and beverages. Hayley Barisa Ryscek, the voice behind the healthy cooking and natural lifestyle blog Health Starts in The Kitchen, as well as being the author of several healthy eating cookbooks wrote this fascinating book She is big on fermentation, we all need it in our diet to protect ourselves and maintain our gut health. It also leads to longevity as in seen in Japan's Okinawa Archipelago where many live to 100 years and beyond. . The first chapter explains the difference between prebiotics and probiotics and why we need to increase the former's intake.There's an interesting section on the science of fermentation too as well as suggestions for what foods and cultures to buy. Everything is spelled out from what tools to use in the process to steps in the recipes. The chapters are divided by the cultures such as creme fraiche followed by recipes that use it and fermented ketchup (!) and its' many ideas. Another great thing about the book is the ever helpful hints that are highlighted in bright gold. These provide first time fermenters with valuable tips.

This is not a typical cookbook where there are chapters on meals, snacks and sweets,Each one starts out with the featured culture and the recipes that follow them. There's also a history included too. Creme fraiche lovers  will love its' chapter with its' how to make and ferment along with such recipes as berry topped chevre cheesecake cups, cherry compote ice cream, and cheesy beef stuffed baked potatoes topped with it. Kefir is a must make fermented drink that also has its' due. It's used mainly as a drink but it's also in the tasty chocolate peanut butter banana breakfast smoothie as well as in a creamy cole slaw .Of course there's a chapter on the greatest fermentation of all-  sauerkraut. Surprisingly enough it's just cabbage ribbons fermented in sea salt and its own juice. Surprisingly also is that it''s not just for accompanying bratwurst.It's put into smoothies  and a hash made with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. There is a bratwurst and sauerkraut recipe but livened up with quinoa. Kombucha is a big drink right now and there is a chapter on it . There are fun ferments such as ketchup and chutney along with salsa. perfect for giving a summer party a healthy kick. There's also a chapter dedicated to yogurt along with such fun recipes like strawberry banana yogurt to go tubes ,smoked salmon spread, lamb kofta with herbed tztzakiki and frozen yogurt bark,

Fermented Foods In Every Meal is a great book for those wanting to have a healthy probiotic diet. The  how to s are easy along with the recipes. It is a must have for every kitchen and for every home chef interested in fermented foods and drinks,

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