Friday, June 24, 2016

Bananas For Banana "Ice Cream"

After writing about the ice cream made solely from bananas, I couldn't resist and made it.  As always it takes me a long time to jump on the bandwagon, The recipe has been around for a few years, I had seen it on every show  from Dr. Oz to my local Fox Channel 5 AM show "Good Morning".

 I think my initial resistance was that it's a fad and that people will forget about it. I just wrote about it in Monday's entry.I just had to try it after seeing all the pictures. It looked too creamy and luscious.

And you know what? I was hooked. It's easy to make. Just take a very ripe banana, the kind with a lot of brown and black spots., Slice into coins and then freeze , preferably overnight in a freezer bag.

I then added them to my mini food processor. Some recipes call either for this or a blender. Stick with the food processor. The blades are sharper and can handle the frozen fruit better.

                     Now pulse. It'll look like either oatmeal or flaked coconut.

It then goes through a gooey stage. Hang in there. I guess this is the part where the pectin in the banana melts with the ice crystals . It gets better.

Much better. See how creamy and airy it is? It really does look like soft serve ice cream.

Now, many people  would just end it there,but I didn't.

I turned my batch into a sundae and before any of you think it's counterproductive, look closely. The syrup is Hershey's Lite syrup with only 20 calories a serving and Stop & Shop's Lite Whipped Whipped Cream at only 10 (!!!) calories a serving. It's like the lowest calorie banana split ever.
What you do with it is up to you? Many add cocoa powder for chocolate "ice cream". Some add almonds or peanut butter. You can even sprinkle chocolate chips, jimmies or mini M&Msover it or blend them in. . It can even be plopped in a cone or waffle bowl if you like. You also don't have to just use one banana. Make a bigger batch with two or three. The  "ice cream" lasts for one week, however I know from experience - it won't. Make your own batch and see why.

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