Friday, June 10, 2016

A Basket of Apple Recipes

Apples are one of the most nutritious and tastiest fruits around. There are some man different kids, from the custardy fleshed Macintosh to the crisp Granny Smith with a dozen other varieties in between. There are also dozens of recipes, both savory and sweet that feature  them in a brand new cookbook.

How D'ya Like Them Apples? (Gibbs Smith Publishers) is the cheekily named new cookbook written , by Madge Baird, a seasoned food editor and cooking instructor. She has previously written about chicken and soup, and brings the same enthusiasm and good recipes to this apple-centric cookbook, Her many and varied ones are a great way of introducing and sneaking nutrition into everyday dishes, from stuffing to even chocolate chip cookies. There are chapters on salads and soups along with meat and poultry. The best one are on the pies and pastries, where the fruit shines along with one on cakes cobblers , breads and sweet treats.I have to admit I was a little bummed when there were no caramel or candy apple recipes but there are enough sweet ones to fill that gap. There is a section on interesting facts and helpful hints which will make working with apples easier.The fruit comes in 7,500 varieties worldwide while there's 2,500 varieties alone in just the US and Canada. She also suggest what kinds make for better baking such as those crunchy Granny Smith, Pink Lady Jonathan, Golden Delicious and their hybrid Jonagold. Then there is the question of peels or no peels.Ms. Baird points out there there a lot of antioxidants in the skin and the vitamin C is located right under them skin.

The recipes are wonderful and can take home chefs from the summer right into the winter. There is the snappy apple salad blending Granny Smith chunks with snap beans and almonds with a lemon and honey dressing,,Two unusual ones  are an apple , spinach and brown sausage link one and a potato salad laced with crisp red apples in a honey mustard dressing.Picnic lovers will enjoy the apple slaw, a marriage of the fruit with crisp green salad. The soups are homey , blending apples and apple juice with everything from squash to pimento. Apples always go well with pork and there are a few recipes that feature the happy pairing.There are dressed up pork medallions cooked with apple slices and sweet onions. Home chefs will love making the Sunday Dutch Oven pork that features pork chops, apples and potatoes spiked with a Southwestern or Mexican spice blend that has a kick of smoked paprika,The sides are great too, from the spinach-apple curry to the Parmesan roasted apple vegetable menu. Apples shine in dessert recipes especially pie and these do too. Apple lovers will love the rustic pie  that's in the shape of a gallette.and the yummy wonton apples pockets a la mode,a take on the classic fritter recipe.Kids will enjoy the apple spice cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Try the classic Apple Dutch Baby for brunch or make the applesauce chocolate chip cookies. Purists will love the recipes for apple butter and apple sauce. two classics that are a must in any kitchen pantry.

How D'Ya Like Them Apples is a joyous salute to all dishes apples. Apple lovers have to add this cookbook to their library and to experience the sweet and savory recipes. They are wonderful to make and delicious to eat.
The books comes out in August but you can preorder it and others on Amazon.

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