Friday, May 20, 2016

ThaiFusions - Your Grilling Must Have

It is grilling season and with it the same old recipes.How to liven up those chicken wings and ribs? By giving it the fusion treatment , thanks to some new sauces that feature the best of Thai flavors. Thaifusion has just introduced three new grilling sauces that can be used not just for barbecues but also for dips and even salads.

  This brand is perfect for those who live to cook or just love eating the tasty and flavor packed cuisine, It started with Toi Borthwick, a Thai national who married a Scottish American over forty years ago. The cuisine was not as popular as it is now so finding even the simplest sauces was hard. She had to create her own, sometimes fermenting curries and fish sauces in clay pots in her backyard. Those recipes now form the sauces that make the company she owns with her children.. Thaifusions has both curry sauces and grilling sauces that reflect the varied  sweet and fiery flavors of Thai cuisine.. It is the barbecue sauces, however that bring out the flavors of southeastern Asia. Peanuts are a staple of Thai cooking and their peanut sauce delivers it.It is blended with  creamy coconut milk to give it a silky texture with an eye opening punch of fire.Another new comer is the chile pineapple grilling sauce , a typical Thai marriage of fruity sweet and eye watering spicy.A tad less hotter is their mango ginger grilling sauce, made with brown sugar to sweeten it. The company also sells green curry and Panang curry sauces that are used primarily for cooking. All sauces can be b ought at Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table.

The sauces are perfect for grilling. One of my favorites is the chile pineapple sauce because of the tiny bits of pineapple in it.It is the perfect marinade and sauce for both pork and chicken. Use it to baste on chops before grilling and serve with a pineapple mango chutney. Try chicken wings and drumsticks marinated in them for thirty minutes. It can also be used as a dip for naked nuggets, grilled bits of unbreaded chicken.For a different twist try the chicken nuggets  with the peanut grilling sauce, It's an easy  way to make the classic Thai street fare chicken satay. Usually this dish is labor intensive due to making the sauce from scratch,First marinate the chicken pieces in a combo of fish
 sauce and soy sauce and then grilled to a crispness.The satays are then served with dipping bowls full of the peanut sauce. I can also be used for a cold Thai noodle salad as well.Robust meats like steak and hamburger are perfect with  the mango ginger. Create a steak satay  with a soy marinade and serve with the sauce.Marinate t-bones or skirt steaks with it and then serve with more sauce. Add some to hamburger patties for a fiery and fun surprise.It would also be good as a chicken marinade too or as a wing dipping sauce.

Thaifusions Grilling Sauces are must haves for this year's grilling season. They add sweet and heat , livening up any cut with Thai flair. Get all three and enjoy the blend of chilis and fruits.with your favorite barbecue meats.

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