Friday, May 6, 2016

Planting Your Meals

Despite the weather it is actually planting season, Many home chefs also become home gardeners to guarantee their summer cooking has fresh vegetables. Planning is key to a great garden along with planting what will be eaten most.

Everybody goes wild when they see those seed packet displays. There's so many veggies, herbs and even fruits to choose from. Hold back. That enthusiasm may result in buying and growing produce
you"ll  never eat . Ask yourself and your family what do they like the best. Tomatoes are always welcome because they not only go in salads but can be used in ratatouilles and sauces. Also family and friends always love to receive a bag or basket of fresh picked tomatoes too. Lettuce is another plant that's always in the  garden. Buy several different types of lettuce seeds to grow (however be warned,critters like woodchucks love to nibble on lettuce leaves).Carrots are another garden must because they can be turned into  a great side or part of any salad. They're also very easy to grow as well.Some home gardeners like to grow green peppers and then cook the harvest with Italian sausages or make them stuffed. If your family loves corn, then consider adding it to your garden plot.Just remember that corn does require not only space but extra care.If the family doesn't commit to it then the best bet is buying ears at your local farmer's market.

Herbs are always welcome plants in any yards. Again evaluate what you cook with and need, then seek those seeds.Basil is one of the most versatile herbs. If you use a lot of it , consider an entire patch of it or buying three or four basil plants to transplant. After all, it won't just be an addition to pasta sauces, but it will be used in marinades, topping pizzas and being made into the main ingredient of homemade pesto sauce.It';ll also be given to family , friends and neighbors who will be constantly asking for it for their own cooking.Rosemary is another herb that's much in demand and it can be grown in any garden. Home chefs will do well by planting garlic cloves in the backyard too. They're easy to tend to and yield amazing shoots that can be subbed in for scallions. Also the idea of using fresh garlic is very appealing to any home chef. Like basil, it can be used in almost every savory dish out there, from salads to roasts.Home chefs should also consider growing fruit such as berries and melons. Strawberries are always on every home chef and home bakers list for summer ingredients, Adding  fresh from the garden ones will amp up homemade  strawberry shortcake or homemade ice cream. Watermelon is a great summer must have and it's fun to have a slew of them in the back yard. Just remember that melons do take up a lot of land so plant accordingly to allow for their growth.

This is the season for planting. Make a list of what you cook with the most and then plant them.There's nothing better than cooking and baking with fresh from the garden ingredients.

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