Monday, May 2, 2016

Gluten Free Slow Cooking

Gluten free cooking can be a bit labor intensive however there's a brand new cookbook that can help. It's chock full of delicious and fun slow cooker recipes that range from breakfasts to dinners, from snacks to desserts. Even those without celiac disease would enjoy the many dishes that can be made.

Hope Comerford, author of A Busy Mom's Slow Cooker Adventure blog, decided to put all her recipes into one fantastic cookbook, The Gluten Free Slow Cooker (Fair Winds Publishers).It is a great book for those with gluten allergies who not only want variety but also freedom from the kitchen. Ms. Comerford starts off with advice about what kind of slow cooker to have.There are also tips for novices such as buying cheaper cuts of meat because slow cooking tenderizes out the toughness along with no peeking which can affect cooking. She also recommends buying crock pot liners because these keep the crock pot form becoming messy,If those can;t be found then use non cooking spray which makes cleaning up afterwards a dream. Ms. Comerford has written an extensive list for a gluten free pantry. It is a practical one  with name brand ingredients such as Mrs. Dash Seasonings along with fresh fruit and produce. She is also one for using short cuts such as frozen vegetables and gluten free cake mixes to make prepping just that much simpler.

The recipes are fun as well as being tasty. Breakfasts start with frittatas rich with tomatoes and avocados,and onions, spiked with hot sauce. There are fun oatmeals such as banana bread oatmeal made with bananas and  brown sugar and cinnamon roll oatmeal which is Cinnabon in a bowl. I love the chapter called Starters And Snacks They'll Want To Attack, especially the recipes for pizza dip and the ones for   Buffalo Chicken Meatballs and Chili Lime Wings. Soups are hearty and healthy, with recipes for cabbage and lentil soups.There are main meals such as apple and onion pork loin and cranberry glazed turkey breast that  can be made at lunchtime and forgotten until dinnertime.There is a yummy and easy eggplant  Parmesan casserole, chock full of eggplant, Parmesan cheese  and a jar of instant sauce.Sides are also included such as brown sugar mashed sweet potatoes, redolent with butter and brown sugar and white wine mushrooms , slow cooked with wine, chicken stock and a variety of herbs. Desserts are amazing, and Ms. Comerford includes sauces such as caramel and strawberry orange, perfect on ice creams or custards. There are also easy to make pumpkin  and Irish cream brownies made with gluten free chocolate cake mix which also goes into the slow cooked chocolate lava cake.

Gluten free cooking doesn't have to be a chore. Thanks to The Gluten Free Slow Cooker  celiac sufferers can have tasty meals and treats without any work at all. It ' all down to a slow cooker and this great cookbook.

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