Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Foodie Mom Gifts

What to get a foodie mom for Mother's Day? There 's a slew of gadgets and gewgaws along with some sweet and savory treats as well. Some may prefer cooking classes or cookbooks too. The question is which one is the best gift?Get one?Or get them all?

Every mom would like a Keurig coffee maker if she doesn't have one already? The machine does make great individual cups of coffee and there are so many K-Cups flavors to choose from. There are even hot cocoa and a variety of teas to choose from too. Another nice gift is the cup carousel , a kind of tree that holds the various coffees and teas.This comes in small or large and is perfect for that mom who likes to vary her hot  drinks through the day,.Keurig also has come out with a cold drink dispenser too where moms can enjoy their favorite chilled sodas and iced teas through the day.One gift any foodie mom needs is a good knife that cuts everything. Farberware sells these in bright colors like turquoise and purple at all sorts of stores including some groceries such as Stop & Shop.. This is my favorite gadget/utensil and I use it for everything from slicing bread and veggies  to cutting meat .Keep in mind that a new set of kitchen knives are always appreciated because they'll always be in use. True mom foodies would appreciate a mini butter churner or how about a garlic grater with accompanying oil dish.For fun give foodie dice, wooden die with foods, seasons and seasonings printed on them. Any meal can  literally be  a roll of the dice .If mom loves shaved ice then get her the Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver  to create  refreshing mounds and slushy drinks.

Cooking classes are always fun for the foodie mom.They not only broaden her knowledge but let her meet like minded home chefs. Stores such as Sur La Table have cooking classes in some of their stores and sign up is easy.Restaurants such as Ninety Acres in Peapack, New Jersey has extensive courses  in cooking but also in  cocktail making and wine tasting. Mothers wanting to expand their baking and frosting skills would appreciate classes that would expand their skills. Some larger cities like New York, San Francisco and Boston offer dessert courses in such specifics as Italian desserts such as cannoli and biscotti and chocolate classes where they learn how to make pot de creme and  ganache cake. There are also chocolatier classes too where bonbons and truffle making are learned.. There are some chefs that can come to the house and give mom a private lesson or two. This can be costly however an alternative is asking a chef from her favorite restaurant to come over and showing how to cook her favorite restaurant dishes.Aunts and grandmas can be included in this too for a customized at home cooking class that spans generations.

What to get a foodie mom? Anything and everything . Surprise her with foodie dice or a cake decorating class. Have her take a wine course or buy her a good Farberware knife or butter churner. She'll love them all!

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