Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Food On The Go

Humans are eaters and snackers. We are also goers, meaning we're always moving somewhere, usually to and from work, usually in traffic.what happens when hunger comes along for the ride? Try sensible snacking.

A commuter's' best friend isn't his or her traffic app. It's their sandwich baggie . This little square can hold everything and anything. It's great for meals on the go and snacking. Many of us wind up eating breakfast on the road. There's not even time to stop for a coffee and doughnut or a breakfast sandwich. Put some granola into a baggie for a quick meal. Another idea is a healthy cereal like Mom's Best Cereal  which comes in a variety of flavors.They're made with whole grains and cane sugar - not refined. It's a good alternative to all those over sugared brands. Of course the best breakfast on the run is any piece of fruit. Bananas are the best They're easy to pack - you don't even need a baggie. -and chock full of vitamins and potassium. One is filling enough and will get you through to possibly or the first coffee break at eleven AM. Apples and pears are also good choices.. because they too are filling. Apples are higher in calories so if you 're watching your weight, stick with the pears.One is only eight six calories. Both can also be used as snacks when on a Saturday morning run to the soccer or baseball field or while running weekend chores.

That sandwich baggie can come in handy for lunch and snacks. Many people like sales reps and technicians have to eat on the road. Again you can go the fast food or deli route however that can get old quick. Then there's all those calories. Hamburgers and heroes are tasty but they're fattening. Salads and soups are great but messy and distracting when eating on the road. Try a healthy sandwich made with whole wheat or multi grained bread. and lean cold cuts.The best bet on the last is getting them from your supermarket's deli counter. Get freshly sliced roast beef or turkey . For an even neater sandwich try a wrap. You can swaddle in some lettuce or tomatoes along with a squirt of ketchup or mayo. Also have some savory snacks on the ready too. These come in handy on the drive home when you're hungry and stuck in traffic. Think Pepperidge Farm goldfish or pretzels.The pluses areboth nibbles are low in calories and not as greasy as potato chips.They're a nice way of staving off hunger and again they're also perfect for those Saturday afternoon runs or  Sunday's road trips. Fruit, too is good here  along with raisins, nuts or seeds like sunflower or pumpkin. They keep you satisfied until you reach home and a hot meal.

Hunger hits at any time - evne drive time. Be ready when you;re on the road and want to nibble or nosh. Have a sandwich bag filled with fruit or crackers, sandwiches or cereal to make it easier

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