Monday, May 30, 2016

Celebrating Our Service People

Today is Memorial Day, the day when we remember those who gave their lives for America. It's also important that we remember our living servicemen and women too.If they're in line with you at your favorite coffee shop or fast food joint, treat them to a free coffee or a free meal. Show them your appreciation for what they do.Deployment is not easy, They have to leave their spouses and children and go off into a hostile unknown, all to protect lives damaged and savaged by wars. The least we can do is treat them to a cup of joe or a hamburger.

Our elderly veterans also would appreciate from a dinner or an afternoon of coffee and war stories. They have so much to give us historically as they enlighten  and inspire our millennials with their experiences. Bake a cake or a pie, whip up a batch of brownies or cookies and bring them over to them.Organize a cookout to celebrate their victories. You may not  only have a fun time but gain a few new friends as well.

Never let our veterans be forgotten. Cherish them. Feed them not only with food and drink, but with reverence and gratitude, respect and love.

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