Monday, April 18, 2016

Store Cooked - The Easy Way Out

Sometimes it's hard just to cook. It's either the weather  being too hot or being  too leave bed. How to feed a family with nutritious  and tasty food? Rely on your local grocery.

For the past thirty years grocery stores have been providing whole hot meals for their customers. as more and more women went to work, less and less kitchens were being used. Yet these trailblazers still wanted to give their clan an old fashioned meal with a main dish and sides. This is when supermarkets saw the need and amped up their deli sections. Now there's everything under the sun.One of the most versatile is the roasted chicken. This is the perfect hot meal and can provide for all sorts of leftovers the day after.For me it's a chance to enjoy a roast without turning on the oven and turning my kitchen into   an  - oven.Also stores such as Acme and Stop & Shop have the lemon and bourbon glazed ones which give an ordinary bird some oomph Deli counters also offer fried chicken which are much better than what Popeye's and KFC has . Stop & Shop's version has a crispy and savory crust without that greasy after taste along with plumper pieces.Rib lovers can choose a tangy sauced rack without the dread of  messing up their oven.Some supermarkets are even including hamburgers in their hot lunch line up.

One of the best aspects of  supermarket cooking is the wide array of sides. .To be honest their potato
salads are better than mine.I am  a huge fan of anything Stop & shop makes , especially their version of this German classic. It is made with the right amount of mayo and celery. Their kale salad is not only a good side but a good snack too. It is a super salad with  kale being the base and antioxidant rich blueberries , onions  and walnuts added. The store puts a  sweet and tangy dressing on it  which works wells with its' ingredients. Another plus is that it's great with roast beef sandwiches or with roasted turkey breast.Many cake and bread snobs refuse to buy baked goods from supermarkets. They're missing out on some tasty treats. I've always loved birthday cakes from any grocery store , especially the baby cakes, the smaller version of the regular sized ones.Many like the Acme's cupcakes that have the same fine crumb and creamy frosting as cupcake mavens Crumbs and Sprinkles.Acme also has amazing white and whole wheat baguettes that are on a par with the fancy chain eatery Le Pain Quotidian. Not to be outdone Stop & Shop produces the best croissants, plain, almond and chocolate.

Supermarkets can provide a hot nutritious meal and dessert that tastes as good as homemade. It's delicious eating without all the work and bother. Shop now for stress free dinner  later.

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