Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Six Minute Meals

Can a hot delicious meal be made in six minutes? Yes! Thanks to a brand new cookbook that shows how to make any kind a meal in six minutes . The recipes are not only fast but fun. What's best of all it that anything can be made in no time from veggies to desserts, from breakfasts to dinners.

The author of this amazing book is Irish chef, Stuart O'Keefe,from Nenagh in central Ireland who is  now living in California. His book, The Quick Six Fix (William Morrow Imprint) is not only a blend of interesting So Cal and Irish influenced food but also a great tip book about pantry organization. I love his advice in the first chapters, especially the must have and nice to have lists.There is also a recipe key with symbols. My favorite is the stop sign that indicates stop and clean whatever pan , pot or utensil was used. Doing such also makes for a much quicker clean up afterwards although it will take more than six minutes to clean up everything. Chef O'Keefe also  has a 3X symbol on the recipes too. He gently but firmly urges home chefs to read the recipe three times before executing it as well as the included tips. Doing such will make the recipe more understood and will not result in any bad surprises like overcooking or under cooking later on.This is perfect for novices  who are just  getting the hang of cooking.The man ingredients in every recipe, from breakfast to dessert are emphasized in blue caps. This helps in writing out the grocery list for the recipe.Also recipes that can be whole meals are indicated by a fork, knife and spoon sign.

The recipes are fun and easy , along with being an homage to Chef O'Keefe's Irish roots and family. There are spins on his mother's chicken soup and bangers and leek mash . His Aunt Derry's recipe for raspberry custard is on there too. Chef O'Keefe's new life in Southern California is seen in the recipes of Speedy Gonzales eggs and a variety of breakfast smoothies. The recipes are divided into categories from breakfast to meats , chicken, pork and fish to salads and breakfasts. Wing lovers will enjoy Chef O'Keefe's Buffalo chicken wings with Maytag blue cheese dipping sauce.It's roasted wings with name brand Frank's hot cayenne sauce and a homemade blue cheese dip.There is the easy and elegant Thirteen Spice chicken with creme fraiche. The thirteen spices come from Old Bay Seasoning. Home chefs wanting something exotic will love Pork Curry In A Hurry while beef fans will love Port Marinated skirt steak with roasted grape tomatoes. The sides are amazing too and would be good on their own. Brussels sprouts get special treatment with the addition of chorizo  sausages while oven roasted fingerling potatoes get amped up with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese and thyme.Desserts are wonderful, from a chocolate- y spin on the classic Eton Mess to a decadent updating of the classic s'more with giant chocolate chip cookies subbing in for the graham crackers.

Thanks to The Quick Six Fix is a great cookbook for busy home chefs who want to cook a satisfying meal in no time. There's a variety of delicious dishes that get them out of the kitchen and at the table. in no time. It's a quick cook with interesting recipes.

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