Friday, April 29, 2016

Eat And Lose Weight

Imagine if you could eat anything, from waffles to pizza  and lose tons of weight . You would think  it's not possible but it is.A new cookbook :shows how you can. have your cake and eat it too, alongside of yummy cupcakes, tacos and other fun foods. Best of all this diet is guaranteed to shed pounds.

Popular blogger Audrey John gives foodies and home chefs the cookbook Lose Weight By Eating (Harper Collins Publishers) a phenomenal and fun cookbook about  making and baking without preservatives , using only fresh and nutritious ingredients. A  few years ago Ms. John was 275 pounds , thanks to a diet of frozen, prepackaged and fast foods. She changed her lifestyle by cooking and baking favorites from scratch. The result was a new chef, 150 lighter and a few dollars richer. She was even able to save money by recreating homemade versions of hamburgers, tacos and cupcakes.It resulted in an instantly popular blog which led to this book. The recipes are easy enough for the most novice of home chefs. and the recipes are divided into really fun chapters like Comfort Foods and Pizza Pizza. What I like about the book is the write in food log that readers can use to write down. what they've eaten as well as calorie count followed by the amount of fat, fiber and carbohydrates.Ms. Johns also includes a guide to the perfect salad as well as sections on exercise along with drinking more water. The book also contains a menu guide to help with planning a week's meals.

The recipes will satisfy anyone, There are giant  breakfast cookies made with applesauce, which Ms.Johns uses as a butter substitute, These are  chock full of oatmeal and brown sugar along with cranberries and almonds. These would be perfect for any pajama party or family brunch. Egg lovers will relish the stuffed breakfast burritos and scrambles.Pizza, usually a dieter's no-no is made healthier thanks to using low calorie turkey sausage and all kinds of fresh veggies. Holiday cooking is included here for  healthier and cheaper dinners.Maple syrup is used instead of sugar and almond milk is preferred to regular milk for lower calorie feasts.It starts with recipes for a perfectly brined and roasted turkey with creamy mashed potatoes. This last is rich in flavor but low in calories thanks to the addition of almond milk and Greek yogurt. There is also a holiday ham glazed with cherry jam and ginger beer..For  weeknight dinners there's the healthy vegetable lasagna and cheddar stuffed turkey burgers.  The chapter on comfort foods has such great dishes as skinny chicken pot pie,manly beer chili and crispy fried pork chops desserts include strawberry shortcake cupcakes, orange creamsicles and chocolate bananas on a stick. Wash these down with Ms. John's  take on homemade blueberry orange sodas, and low calorie lattes.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. You can also have pizza and creamsicles, soda and cookies, thanks to this great new cookbook. Treat yourself to Lose Weight by Eating and enjoy favorite foods and drinks without any guilt

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