Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Guide For The Gluten Free Life

Like any other disease, celiac disease is no laughing matter.It can cripple a person's life along with restricting diet and eating choices. Happily there is a new cookbook that can ease it as well as making life tasty again.

Healthier Gluten Free  (Fair Winds Press) by Lisa Howard is  the must have  cookbook for those with gluten allergies. Ms Howard is a cooking instructor who firmly advises in using fresh ingredients in recipes. The book is an extension of her philosophy with her suggestions in the first few chapters. What is unusual about the book is that it also has the history of celiac disease  and a clear definition of what it is.Many cookbooks devoted to gluten free tend to omit the facts about celiac and even wheat allergies . Ms. Howard explains what it is and how it can be avoided. Another plus is the list of alternative flours  home chefs can use in both savory and sweet baking and cooking. She also recommends home grinding flours too.Gluten free baking comes with many advantages, namely there's no need to roll out dough or kneading . The dough can simply be spoon dropped onto baking sheets or patted into baking tins, There is a page devoted to ingredients, about what to buy and what to avoid, especially canned foods that could carry the risk of BPA or bisphenol A . There are also pages devoted to the different types of dairy products from milk to buttermilk,

Even those without celiac disease will love the recipes and the variety.The second half of the book is chock full of them and they're divided into breakfasts,sandwiches, salads and pilafs, meals, appetizers and desserts. Sophisticated noshers will love savory herbed  buttermilk potato waffles amped up with Italian herbs along with Brie and pear quesadillas. Pizza lovers will go mad for the lamb pizza with a crust made from ancient grains such as teff and amaranth  and a topping of ground lamb, tomato sauce and spices,There is a Parmesan fish and chips, with the classic dish being coated in cheese and almond flour instead of the traditional batter.Almond flour also figures in the breaded chicken finger recipe along with crnmeal. They're served with a honey mustard dip with a Greek yogurt base.There's a tasty brown rice pasta Baked Mac and cheese ,made more flavorful with the addition of green onions. Usually gluten free desserts can be poor substitutes for the real thing. Not here. There is peach swirled cheesecake along with chocolate angel food cake with smashed raspberry glaze.Holiday favorites such as  a crustless pecan pie and pumpkin pie with a teff and pecan crust are also included as are biscottis and gingersnaps. Ms Howard also includes ice cream too, with recipes including buttermilk and coconut milk.

Healthier Gluten Free is the cookbook for home chefs and families suffering from celiac disease.It is chock full of great advice and great recipes.With ot home chefs can create a diet of delicious foods, free from headaches of allergies and restrictions.,

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