Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Churrasco Lovers Rejoice!

For those who love churrasco, that tasty Brazilian barbecue or just meat  lovers in general, there's a great new cookbook  for you to try and enjoy. Churrasco: Grilling The Brazilian Way is chock full of traditional recipes that highlight barbecued beef,lamb and even chicken along with sides. More ambitious home chefs will even love the idea of building their own grill too.

The highly illustrated book (Gibbs Smith Publishers 2016) was written by Evandro Caregnato, creative director for the restaurant chain Texas de Brazil, which has broadened American palates to the delights of hearty gaucho food. Mr. Caregnato was born in  southern Brazil where kids learn how to barbecue early. Many people associate this amazing country with the sexy beaches of Rio or the primitive beauty of the Amazon , but it also has a strong gaucho culture in the country's southernmost province. The churrasco grill was one of the first fast foods , with grills being set up alongside gas stations. Soon sides were being served with the beef and lamb , then other foods such as soups and rolls. The grilled meats comes in many different cuts and they're beautifully portrayed here for novice grillers to note. He explains each one in detail,and how to use them.What is really fun are the how tos for the various grills.They would make an interesting back yard project for any serious home chef.There is the complicated one made with a fifty five gallon steel drum and the much simpler four armed cross spit. These are followed by an entire page of grilling tips that would even be beneficial for an American style barbecue.

The recipes , along with the accompanying photos are downright mouth watering. There is a braised rolled beef, a kind of Brazilian braciole that's actually made in a dutch oven as opposed to on a grill.It's stuffed with bacon, sausage and hard boiled eggs. There are veggies in the form of carrots and scallions and its' marinated in a tomato sauce.Carnivores will love the fire roasted picanha or sirloin cap and beef on a Plow Blade. Grill kings will love the gaucho kebabs which is a mix of chicken, beef sirloin or tenderloin bacon and pork loin fire cooked with squash, keilbasa and peppers.along with the grilled lamb recipe. The cookbook also features a large amount of Northern Italian recipes, not surprising because many Piedmontese and Lombards immigrated there in the late 1800's. There is the chewy thick bucatini with quail sauce , a kind of gamy version of chicken cacciatore.Canneloni lovers will enjoy making spinach ones, this recipe rich with whole cream and Parmesan. Seafood, especially salted cod or bacalhau is almost a national dish in Brazil and there a few recipes featuring it. There's also some yummy dessert ones too, including dulce de leche and chocolate truffles. Mr. Caregnato also throws in the country's national drink the caipiriniha, made with cachaca. the sugar cane derive liqueur.

Churrasco:Grilling The Brazilian Way is an great cookbook for those who love churrasco or want to expand their grilling expertise. Get it to experience a delicious way to cook outdoors.It'll make for an interesting season of splendid open air dining.

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