Monday, February 15, 2016

Recipes From The White House

Our US presidents and their wives have given us some good recipes over the years. They are vast and varied , from LBJ's chili and barbecue to Dolly Madison 's bouillon to Mamie Eisenhower's fudge.However it;s the house it;self, The People's House that has contributed some excellent recipes to the American culinary landscape.

One of the most varied White House eras was during Thomas Jefferson's term.He was huge Francaphile, often bringing home fancy French recipes to a simple , almost primitive kitchen. However he was also an Americna who loved his black eye peas, pasta and a variety of meats from ham to chicken to veal.. Jefferson also introduced ice cream to the country where it has reigned supreme in all sorts of desserts and flavor ever since. Oysters were big at the big house and have been featured for the last two centuries . They have been chilled, enriched by sauce and enhanced by lemon. Households across the country copied these recipes as they also copied roast turkey and stuffing recipes for that uniquely American holiday Thanksgiving. Even decadent desserts such as Mrs. Eisenhower's fudge and current White House pastry chef's Bill Yosses' nectarine pie that has our current president swooning

Of course Michelle Obama brought healthy eating from the White House to America. She's is the gatekeeper to the "Let's Move' exercise movement and encourages healthy eating with fresh fruits and veggies. She brings us minted pea salad, perfect for now, excellent for a Spring dinner . For more green there is a broccoli soup, a puree made even more tastier with onions , celery and a dash of jalapeno infused olive oil.President Obama loves her chili recipe that has just a bit of decadent bacon added along with ground turkey ( you can have it with  ground beef too) along with good for you spices such as cumin and garlic. Their daughters love cauliflower (!) baked mac and cheese. This classic, usually considered a fat bomb, is rendered good for you by cauliflower and skim milk.There is also creamless creamed spinach, a culinary marvel that has just pureed spinach and olive oil with absolutely no roue in it. The Obamas also enjoy a grilled chicken Caesar as we all do , theirs is with the lighter sherry vinaigrette instead of the creamier traditional Caesar dressing. Dessert is a healthier version of apple cobbler that has a tasty mix of brown sugar, cinnamon , and nutmeg added to it for flavor.

Our presidents have all eaten well from Washington up to our current administration. The recipes represent who we are as a collective whole and the bounty that is America. They are diverse, taken form our forests and our farms, made delicious in our nation;s kitchen.

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