Friday, February 12, 2016

One Meal One Pan

Nothing beats a hot meal with all the trimmings on these frigid days. Yet cooking a full meal can be daunting. There's so many pots and pans to deal with  along with trying to have all the dishes ready at the same time. Not to worry. There's a great new cookbook centering on sheet pan meals.It's an easy way to make the main dish and sides without fuss or worry.

Dr. Camilla V Saulsbury  gives us "200 Best Sheet Pan Meals" (Robert Rose Press 2016) and it's a great Valentine's Day gift for any home chef.  It's a wonderful recipe full book of simple and fun meals anyone can make. For those who have qualms about this type of cooking,not to worry. The books starts out with a guide on what type of pans to use, along with the technique's history ( it comes from the British where the meals are known as tray bakes, simple yet filling dinners and desserts that require little prep and little clean up afterwards. Dr Saulsbury , who has a PhD in  Sociology  with a specialization in food studies from the University of Indiana, also explains the different types of ingredients as well as dealing with the  different cooking times of meats and vegetables.Beginners will love her chapter on easy sheet pan meals such as  broccoli cheddar no crust quiche along with yummy desserts like coconut macaroons and frozen chocolate bananas. The book is then divided into different chapters revolving around  brunch and breakfast meatless meals, for vegetarians  along with  recipes for various meats,.There's an extensive chapter on all sorts of desserts, that would be great for bake sales and parties.

The recipes are amazing. I love the wide variety of different dishes and how they encompass all tastes.There's a tasty sunnyside up pizza, perfect for a family brunch .It's an easy bake with the crust being frozen pizza dough layered with ricotta, olive oil and eggs.Non meat eaters will love roasted broccoli rabe with gorgonzola or a vegetable paella , ripe with saffron, artichoke hearts and onions.Those meat and veg lovers will gobble up such filling meals as roasted chicken with butternut squash and apples and the thyme and pork tenderloin with charred corn salad. There are plenty of beef and fish recipes too, such as  roast beef with potatoes, green beans and blue cheese mayo and garlic salmon and green beans. Kids will love the .meatball, burger and breakfast roll recipes that would be perfect at birthdays or pajama parties.The dessert recipes are fun and varied too,, under the cute Sheet Sweets title. A great cake for a dinner party would be the scratch  chocolate ganache cake or decadent carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. There's even a cheesecake recipe, one without all that fuss and some tasty variations such as chocolate chip , lemon and brown sugar. The cookie bar and even candy recipes would be excellent at any bake sale or kid's party.

"200 Best Sheet Pan Meals+ is a great book for those who want a hearty meal or elegant dessert without the fuss.There are so many different recipes, each tasty and easy to bake. This is the must have cookbook for any home chef!

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