Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year Leap Foods

Today is truly a special day. February 29th only comes once but every four years. Some people celebrate,  and why not.There's nothing like an extra day of fun eating and feasting. Be creative with tonight's dinner. It won;t come gain until 2020.

Since the theme is all about leaping, think toads - not the real kind - but the British classic toad in the hole.This is a baked dish that features cooked sausages in a Yorkshire pudding base. You can use the traditional English sausage or bangers which have  good dose of breadcrumbs or try it with chicken or turkey sausage. Vegans can add in soy sausage instead. Since four is an important number in thiss, think quarters. You can serve marinated chicken quarters with mixed veggies and potatoes (hence four different kind of vegetables) or a four cheese baked mac or pizza. These last two can have a mix of different cheeses. The pasta dish can be drenched in fontina, ,Parmesan cheddar and even the cheesy Velveeta. Try the pizza not just mozzarella but also with Pecorino and Asiago for bite and Monterey Jack for heat. You could also add four toppings from the veggie artichoke hearts, onions, peppers and spinach to meat - sausage, pepperoni , chicken and bacon. Another fun idea is breakfast for dinner with serving four grain pancakes, chock full of whole wheat, oats and corn meal along with regular refined white flour for the fourth grain.  Serve with butter and brandied maple syrup.

It is a special birthday for those born on this day. After all it only happens every four years so make it a good one. One of the best birthday cakes is a surprise one. Cut a slice and be surprised by the pattern inside, It could be polka dots , stripes or leopard spots. For Leap Year kids celebrating their first second or even third (namely fourth ,eight or twelfth birthdays for the average kid) could have an pinata cake. This is simply baking a round cake , whether vanilla or chocolate and filling it with candy,like M&M's gummy worms, and jelly beans, . When the birthday child slices it open he or she will be agape with joy at what spills out. It can be made for adults too. Bake a devil's food cake and fill with Godiva chocolates or homemade truffles. You can also bake cupcakes in this theme as well. Another special treat is champagne cake, a moist white crumb made with 3/4 of champagne. It's an elegant way to celebrate a day that only comes once every four years.

Leap into a special Leap Year party or birthday with themed recipes and  fun cakes. Celebrate the uniqueness of the day. It's a rare time to have fun.

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