Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Greek Yogurt - Yasou To Healthy Eating

For the past few years Greek yogurt has been the star of dieting. People rave about its; benefits and its's flavor. Is it a good replacement for regular milk as claimed?Is it just as tasty? Both answers are a resounding yes!

There are many benefits to going Greek.It is a probiotic which means it helps to keep producing good bacteria in your gut.it helps to lessen the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, Chrohn's disease and ulceritive  colitis.It's also good for lowering blood pressure thanks to calcium, magnesium and potassium, vital minerals needed to maintain healthy blood pressure numbers.This combo of minerals also aid in promoting strong bones and preventing osteoporosis. Many think it's just the first that helps our internal frames, but the other two are just as important.  One of the best boons to eating Greek yogurt is that it helps you to feel full and not be hungry all the time.It has double the amount of protein that regular dairy has.It takes the body twice as long to digest it then and it's great in curbing the appetite.Have it with lunch or as a part of dinner to stop those afternoon or evening munchies.Lactose intolerant people need to have this in their lives.It's lower in lactose than regular milk and the probiotics in it help to break down those lactic sugars. For those wondering why Greek yogurt is better than regular dairy the answer is in its' origins.It comes from ewes as opposed to cows, Sheep's milk is better for you on so many levels.It doesn't cause allergies  and has a greater concentration of  essential fatty acids.

What is the best Greek yogurt? I like Fage (pronounced fy-hee) myself . The plain makes a great sub for sour cream as I recently found out with a baked potato. It not only is lighter in taste and texture, it's truly delicious. It's not as overpowering as the real thing, and makes for a tastier spud. I plan on using it for making onion dip with fresh onions perfect with baked potato chips,It will also be good as a topping for homemade tacos too, as well as being added to mashed potatoes and squash  It can be used in baking too, much like sour cream.It produces a much more even crumb and even taste.Some Greek yogurt enthusiasts love Chobani. This yogurt is the more boutique of the crew with a line called Chobani Flip which  has sriracha blended with mango and chipotle mixed with pineapple. There is also another line that combines the trendy ancient grains with the yogurt as well as with fruit and spices.I'm a fan of their Indulgents, fruit and yogurt mixed with dark chocolate flakes.It's a nice alternative to any ice cream or pudding dessert. Frozen yogurt  enthusiasts will enjoy Yasso. These are made by two non Greeks that appreciate good taste and healthy food. I love their  coffee chocolate chip and salted caramel. Every bar has either ten or twenty fat calories like the salt caramel and chocolate chip.I'm looking'forward to trying their mint chocolate chip  as well as their vanilla bean.

Greek yogurt is definitely the way to go. It has so many benefits as well as having a great taste and texture. Switch to it today and get started on  a healthier , better diet.

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