Monday, February 22, 2016

Gluten Free Goodies

Mention gluten free and many foodies will groan. Goods baked without it  usually are have a bland taste or a funny texture. That's quickly becoming a myth thanks to several companies that have all gluten free lines. They're flavorful and best of all have a chewy or crunchy texture.

One of the best brands for anyone going gluten free, whether for health or diet, is Glutino . It   has every kind of product to help have a full and varied diet, Conscientious bakers will marvel at their many mixes from pizza dough to old fashioned yellow cake.There are also chocolate chip and brown mixes too  along with regular gluten free flour for family recipes.The Boulder , Colorado company also sells loaves of already baked breads and stuffing for holiday turkeys. My favorites are their bagel chips and Oreo style sandwich creme cookies. The bagel chips are tastier than the usual kind, with a good dusting of sea salt on them.They also have Parmesan cheese and garlic as well as a sweet cinnamon and sugar one. The sandwich cookies are so crisp with a smooth creamy filling. I can't wait to try their vanilla version along with their double chocolate chip cookies and animal crackers. Their toaster toaster pastries look as good as PopTarts and those are definitely on the to be tried list along with their pizzas.

Other brands that are getting rid of that gluey gluten are WOW and  Simply Balanced. WOW which stands for with out wheat. Like Glutino the Kent, Washington company has both cake and cookie mixes.The cookie dough is already mixed and waiting to be scooped out onto a waiting cookie sheet. The cake mixes have classic flavors such as vanilla,chocolate and spice, the last perfect for holiday baking.The cookies come in bags,, giant singles and containers. I love their buttery chocolate chip cookies that are riddled with large chips  and am looking forward to trying their lemon burst as well as their maple squares and butter toffee. Wow's secret to a good , healthy cookie is the inclusion of brown rice as well as gluten free flour. Simply Balanced is another gluten free must have snack to munch on. This is a Target in house brand, like their Archer Farms and it has a variety of healthy foods and snacks.Their gluten free sesame flavored brown rice crackers are wonderfully crispy and flavorful, They'd be good with a homemade hummus, perfecting for scooping and dipping.Target also has a flax seed one that's another must try.The store also makes a gluten free all natural fusilli, and spaghetti, which I will be making in future. Their all natural sauce will be topping it.

Gluten free doesn't have to mean taste free or lumpy. Their are brands, like Glutino, WOW and Simply Balanced that give us tasty treats to snack ad crunch on. Try them and join the gluten free revolution.

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