Monday, January 4, 2016

The Fun Diet

Yes, January is here and with it comes the dread of a diet. No one likes to give up that fun holiday diet of roasts and cookies, champagne and caviar. Yet suppose we could have a diet that's fun, one full of tasty dishes and treats that makes us want more?Is that possible? Yes!

Everyone love pizza and tacos. A low calorie  homemade pizza is both healthy and fun. Start by making a whole wheat dough. It will be a denser, chewier dough but will be chock full of vitamins and minerals along with fiber. Use fresh tomatoes or other veggies such as broccoli, kale, and yes even cabbage. As for meat, think leftover chicken or steak. Tuna is another good topper and works well with tomato. Cheese can be held to a minimum unless you're using low cal mozzarella. Try an unusual and colorful topping of chopped scallions. Tacos re another fun meal that can be turned into a yummy diet treat. Instead of having iceburg lettuce, try red cabbage or arugula, Keep the tomatoes  but zing it up with fiery tomatilloes and peppers. Fresh chopped onions add crunch, zest and sweetness. You can also saute the veggies fajita style before adding them to the tacos. definitely use guacamole but nix the sour cream (unless you use the low fat kind). Make a heart healthy guac by  adding two to three tablespoons of olive oil. It not only is good for you but definitely makes the dip satiny smooth and super creamy.

Chili, done healthy is another yummy treat. Go with chopped turkey meat or vegan crumbles. This is a better fat free version. Serve with cornbread which surprisingly is not that high in calories. A fun dinner idea is taking corn muffins , splitting them in half and  then pouring chili on both sides, kind of like a spicy sloppy Joe. Salads , a diet must , can be livened up simply by adding a flavored vinegar, Try infusing crushed blueberries or a dash of pure pomegranate in a regular red wine or apple cider variety. Textures make those greens sing. Toast some sesame seeds  or almond slivers to sprinkle on. Dried cranberries add bother color ,tartness and chewiness. A great diet treat along fridge cleaner is getting rid of that leftover roast. Add cold cubed  London Broil or chicken to just spinach and grape tomatoes. Dress with just oil and vinegar and serve with bread sticks.Everyone love breakfast sandwiches at any time of the day. Make them heart healthy by just using egg whites, soy cheese and soy bacon on an English muffin.It makes just as good a lunch or dinner as it does a day starter.

Don't be discouraged by the thought of a diet. Make it fun with fun good for you dishes.  You'll still have a good time but will be losing weight instead of gaining it.

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