Saturday, January 30, 2016

Lasagna And Love

Life is like a box of chocolates , according to Forest Gump. To author Samantha Kendell, life is like lasagna. This may seem funny but those reading her breakout book, Life Through Lasagna Eyes (Piaott Publishing)  will soon see why.It's a filling treat for the soul and the heart.

The author, Samantha Kendell, makes all sorts of lasagna, both as a caterer and supplier for Whole Food Markets. Upon first glance I thought she'd include a recipe or two but her lasagna recipe is of a different one. She compares the tasty dishes layers to ones' life. There is the bottom layer, the base and then the various fillings such as the cheese and meat along with the sauce. I love the chapter about the Ouie Goie.It's all about loving again and how she compares love to the aroma of fresh baked lasagna,This inspirational book is also a valentine to Ms. Kendell's daughter ,Amanda who was sadly a victim of Chicago's gun violence. Instead of crumbling as many would have done, she admirably goes on, incorporating stories of her eldest's sass and strength . These are wonderful  a mother celebrating a daughter's love of basketball and good cooking - actually the reason Ms. Kendell's life took a culinary turn.

I love this book and plan on giving it as a birthday and holiday gifts to friends and family.It truly is a must have and will get anyone  through low points in their lives. I love the different stories of giving and receiving. One episode stands out  - when her landlord gifts her with a bedroom set so she doesn;t have to sleep on the floor. Another involves watching a little boy who swings so hard he can't get off and bubbles up laughing about his "dilemma". This is the balm Ms. Kendell needs soon after losing her Amanda. Laughter is mentioned many times in this book and this is what makes it so uplifting. She recommends we share our good memories and  always have good humor  in our lives like we always need salt and pepper. This is also an inspirational book, as Ms Kendell tells us to go for our dreams as she went for hers.

Life Through Lasagna Eyes is not your typical recipe book yet it does have the best recipe for life. Read it and you will want to improve or add to your own "lasagna". What a tasty treat this book is!

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