Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fortfying The Pantry

This blog was under attack today ,thanks to an opinion piece that I had published in today's The Guardian online. To be honest. I thought I had been doing a relatively good job writing about recipes and food trends for the last eight years.However there were several horrifically mean people who have nothing better to do than rip my blog to shreds.

Unfortunately anyone is shark bait to the online haters.  ,I thought Foodie Pantry was immune because there's only a small cadre of readers. There was never any flak  or criticism. I felt comfortable writing whatever I wanted.Readers seemed happy with my various recipes, from my family's zuppa pane pesto soup to French bread pudding,Public relations people thought my articles on their clients ' books and products were spot on. One  company, San-J, even printed out my review of their gluten free soy sauce, framed it and hung it in their lobby.Then there my entries  saluting our troops and remembering them with gift certificates to their favorite restaurants along with the entries dealing with food pantries and community gardens helping inner cities. Luckily the sludge didn't attack those. I did fight back . I had too and any blogger would do the same in similar circumstances.. When the haters start hating, then it's time to roast them like pigs - slow and with a searing heat that makes their flesh fall off the bone.(except the pig flesh is a lot tastier and much much cleaner than theirs)

This experience was an eye opener. however I am not changing my style, or blog for these holes. I like Foodie Pantry  the way it is. This is advice for any of those neophyte food bloggers out there. Write the way you want, not what people dictate. Never read the very hateful and caustic remarks. These are made by people who are jealous of you, the ones who have absolutely no talent and are complete nothings in the real world.Commenting is the only way to draw attention to themselves. If they were talented , they would have their own blogs and not spending their time criticizing yours. Another must, grow a thicker skin. Most of what people write on the web is just envious rantings Ignore them. If you want constructive criticism, go to family and friends. They know you and how you write.They're the best sounding boards for entry ideas and plans.  Some blogs have pictures of the authors, some don't. I never did because I want my privacy. I was even criticized for that today. There's nothing wrong with privacy  and people have to respect your wish for it.

I am proud of this blog,proud of what I've achieved with it and what it's done for cookbook writers, new foods and inventors. No one puts an ax to my pantry. I'll put an ax to their heads long before that.

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