Monday, January 11, 2016

A Hearty Winter Casserole

Winter meals mean hearty meals.There's nothing like a rich , layered  dish that's filling and tasty like a homemade casserole The best part is that they can be varied with ingredients so any one that's made is both unique and delicious. One could have cheese and bacon in it, while another can be made strictly vegan.

Many novice  home chefs balk at the thought of casseroles. They feel that the dish may be too complicated or too labor intensive.As with any dish start off with the easiest..Tuna casserole, despite all the cliches about it, is an easy bake and one the whole family can love.It is basically three or four  cups of cooked elbow macaroni  layered with one can of drained tuna(use the one with water, not olive oil). Cream of chicken soup and shredded cheddar cheese top it . If you want crunch add an layer of French fried onions on top. Classic baked mac and cheese is another simple dish that can be varied,Many people love a layer of crisp bacon on top or have the cheese and pasta layered with sliced ham. You can also use different cheeses mixed together like Cheddar and American. Toppings can be breadcrumbs or the more crunchier panko crumbs.Vegetarians can appreciate the easy as pie squash one. This is cooked yellow squash layered with layered Gruyere cheese and a thick mayo and Ritz cracker kind of sauce. It's then topped of with more crushed  Ritz cracker crumbs and baked until golden>if you want to make it completely vegan, then use soy cheese  in flavors like  Cheddar or American and sub in Nayonaise an non egg vegetarian mayo substitute.

Once home chefs have conquered the easier casserole recipes, it's time to move onto to the more complicated. The Italian classic , lasagna is always a favorite for all ages It can be made with beef or chicken along with pork for a really ric  flavor.Veggies such as eggplant and peppers can be subbed in for a meatless one while uncooked or precooked lasagna noodles can be used, Definitely add in mozzarella for some gooey cheesiness. Casseroles can be fun like a hamburger potato one, enhanced with Cheddar and cream of mushroom soup. It's like a cheeseburger without the bun, with every bite containing juicy beef and creamy cheese,There's also a chiles rellenos one, perfect for those who love Mexican food, This is a layering of green chile peppers along with a tasty mix of Monterey and Cheddar cheeses along with a custard made from eggs, milk and flour . Tomato sauce zings it up wit  more flavor and color.As much as turkey tetrazzini is considered a cliche, it's actually a really delicious dish made with buttery spaghetti in a thick chicken broth based roux . Crispy Parmesan cheese tops it. You can add peas, but also try broccoli florets for some variety.One of the best thing about any casserole is that it makes great leftovers, that is if there is anything left.

Nothing beats a hearty dish like a casserole on a cold winter's night. Make one that will stick to your family's ribs and keep them warm and cozy. They're fun, they're easy and best of  any one made is a truly delicious one.

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emma chisset said...

Dear Liz,
I found your blog after reading the Guardian article. Your recipes here are bizarre. Tinned soup on pasta with Ritz crackers, hamburger and potato casserole. Amazing. That's not cooking, or good nutrition, it's the lowest type of student just left home stuff. Your cooking sounds truly dreadful, the worst i've ever heard of. Why on earth are you suggesting that others copy this.? Maybe all American cuisine is like this, and for you it's normal?

Frankly i find it very hard to believe the claim made in the article that you are a professor, and your blog doesn't even mention that. Has the Guardian made an error with your credentials.?